Travel by train can be a very relaxing, comfortable and easy way to travel between destinations, and if they are high speed trains like Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation, even better! Our trains can take you between some of France and Spain’s most beloved holiday destinations, and you can make good use of your time during the train ride to catch up on some sleep, read, or anything you need! If you are travelling with other people however, or especially with children, some train games can be a foolproof way to make time fly by! 

Story Time

View of a child in the train

A classic game that simply never gets old - no matter how often you play it, it will always be different! It is a great travel game as it can be played with an unlimited amount of people, and requires nothing but imagination! The goal of the game is that the players, amongst them, tell a story, one sentence at a time. The first player will start off with “Once upon a time…” and tell the first sentence of a story they make up as they go along. Each player will then take turns adding a new sentence to the story - which can follow the line of the story being told before them by other players, or which can change the story completely! Use you imagination and you never know what incredible and funny things you can come up with!

Travel Bingo

​Although this game requires a bit more preparation, it is equally as fun! Either before you trip or at the beginning of it before you start playing, prepare or draw on paper a series of “Travel Bingo Cards”. The twist here is that rather than numbers, these bingo cards will contain things that you think you will pass by during your train ride. They can be as common as trees or cities, or less likely, such as a cat, or a school. Cross off the items as you see them, and the first one to call bingo wins the points! Make as many cards as you like, keep score and select a prize for the winner at the end!

Dictionary delight

View of a couple in the train 

All you need for this game is a travel dictionary - or, slightly more portable, a dictionary on your smartphone or tablet. Start the game by choosing strange and uncommon words in the dictionary, that most people would not know the definition of. The other players take turns inventing the craziest fake definitions they can think of, based on the structure of the word or its similarity to other words. Each player says his or her definition out loud, and players vote on their favorite one

Forbidden Words

A slightly more sneaky game, the goal of Forbidden Words is essentially to make your fellow players forget they are playing the game. Start off by choosing some forbidden words (the more common they are, the more difficult the game becomes) - some popular ones are ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘maybe’, ‘I don’t know’, ‘I’, ‘will’, etc., but you can choose any words you would like. The game then proceeds by just having normal conversations, but every time any player uses any of the forbidden words, they get one mark (someone has to be in charge of keeping score). The player with the most points at the end then gets to buy his friends breakfast (or any other punishment of your choosing!). 

Name that Tune

View of a father and is child

So easy, and yet so much fun! Players take turns humming out a particular tune they have in mind, and their fellow players have to guess which one it is! You can make it easier by defining categories, such as “Disney”, or a certain band, or music genre, or make it a little more difficult by not giving any clues at all! Just be sure not to hum to loudly so as not to disturb your fellow train travellers :-)

Stadt, Land Fluss

Based on a German game translating to “City, Country, River” - all you need for this game is at least two people, some pens and paper (even though in a pinch, variations can be played verbally!). Start the game by, all together, choosing different categories. Normally, the game includes at least the categories of Cities, Countries and Rivers, but it can be changed or expanded to have any and as many categories as the players choose. After picking a letter of the alphabet at random, the players will try, as quickly as they can, to come up with one item for each category starting with the chosen letter. The first player to fill in all the categories says “stop”, at which all players immediately put down their pens. Players then say their words out loud, one category at a time - each filled in category is worth 10 points, but only 5 if you have the same word as someone else (if both people have ‘Denmark’ as a country under D for example). 

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