The Mediterranean Sea is responsible for the important gastronomic culture and for the name of the Mediterranean diet, recognized worldwide as one of the healthiest and therefore declared in 2010 Intangible Heritage of Humanity for the UNESCO. The Catalan and French cuisine walk hand by hand in regions rich in products such as the Empordà. But not surprisingly, Catalonia has managed to develop a series of evident Mediterranean influence dishes, with a unique character to be find only here. 

We present you 5 dishes that you should taste if you come to Catalonia.

Escudella i carn d'olla

It is one of the traditional and ancient dishes of the Catalan gastronomy, served in two different parts. On the one side, the soup, with pasta; on the other side, all the elements used to prepare the broth, ranging from different boiled vegetables to beef, pork or chicken meat. One of the most traditional elements is the pilota, minced meat rolled into a small ball and thickened with flour.


In Taragona and Catalonia in general, the gran festa consist in eating calçots, a Winter tradition. It is a sweet onion that farmers cover from soil as one goes along its growth. For this event, grilled of onions are organized in the end of January. Some Catalans go to Valls, the typical place to eat it. 

How to eat them ?
This onion is eaten with a special sauce, the salvitxada or the romescu one. Once the onions are grilled, they are served wrapped in newspapers and eaten with hands after having removed some burnt leafs.  


This typical meal comes from the Garraf and Penedès region, not far away from Barcelona. It is composed from frizzy salad, salt-cod, tuna, anchovy, olives and the famous sauce that we use with the Calçots. This tasty salad is served with typical Spanish omelette.

Garoines, Erizos de mar o Garotes

Sea urchins open this gastronomic winter period.  January is the most appropriated month for the fishing of sea urchins as the sea is quiet. This meal will make you enjoying the flavours of the Catalonian sea. 

Coca de recapte

This dish was originally prepared with some food leftovers for the public holiday and festivities so that families and friends could join the meal. 

Nowadays, it consists in a pastry served with some grilled vedgetables (tomato, aubergine, pepper…) to which we add some herring, sardine, muschrooms or sausages for example. There is no one unique receipe for this dish that reflects the creativity of the cooker. 

Besides its delicious gastronomy, Catalonia also has other attractions such as its beaches, the numerous national parks and some villages of Costa Brava​ that you will able to visit quietly in winter. 

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