​​​​France and Spain are among the top visited countries each consecutive year, now with Renfe-SNCF en Coopération’s high speed trains you can travel between the two countries with more ease than ever before! Traveling from France to Spain and vise versa by train is a stress free, enjoyable trip that cuts down travel time and stress more than any other mode of transportation. Once you arrive to your destination you will be right in the center with endless connections available. Two top visited cities in these countries are the famous Paris and Barcelona, with the ability to travel from one to the other in as little as six hours you can be sure that you’ll arrive to your destination rested and ready to start enjoying your trip!​



Paris, the capital and most populated city of France, is constantly bustling with tourists and full of business opportunities, making it one of the top visited cities in the world. Whether you are traveling to Paris for business or with friends, your couple or your family, you are certain to find more things to do and see than you have time for. Check out this blog on 10 things you must do if traveling to Paris with children​.

With Renfe-SNCF en Coopération you can go to Paris from several locations, including Barcelona. In Paris you will arrive directly to the city center in Gare de Lyon station, where you will find a wide variety of metro lines, buses and taxis to get to your final destination in the easiest, fastest and less expensive way depending on your needs!



Barcelona is another popular tourist destination located in the region of Spain called Catalonia. It is the capital of this region and the second most populated city in Spain. This city receives so many tourists each year due to its reputation for having unique architecture, top-notch nightlife, incredible cuisine, pristine beaches and intriguing history. This destination is not only ideal for every type of trip but it is incredibly easy to get to! Check out this article that discusses all of the best things to do in Barcelona that are off the beaten track.

You can get to Barcelona from french ​​locations including Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Toulouse just to name a few! Renfe-SNCF en Coopération’s high speed trains will get you into this city, dropping you off right in the center in as little at six hours from the center of Paris and less from other closer locations. When traveling to Barcelona you will arrive in Sants station located next to the park pictured above, which has three different metro line connections, various intercity bus connections and the long distance bus station.


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    I think that two cities are very instresting travering destination and I want that two destination visit are more easier than recent, our future will current our thinking so I want travering two cities(Paris and Barcelona)
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    visit Franc & Spain

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