​​​​​​Easter is one of the most important celebrations in France and we invite you to discover how French people celebrate it.

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The tradition of the Easter Eggs

According to the Catholic religion, church bells should ring every day in order to invite the faithful to attend church. However, church bells do not ring from Good Friday (the Friday before Easter) to Holy Saturday, but they ring again from the Christ’s Resurre​ction Day on to celebrate this biblical miracle. The tradition says that the bells do not ring during these days because they sprout wings and fly down to Rome to be blessed by the Pope. After their getaway, the church bells return to France laden with eggs and chocolates that are spread in the gardens all over France and distributed to the children. 

Easter eggs

On Easter Sunday (which in 2020 will be on April 12), the church bells ring again loudly and the children eagerly await their cho​​colate eggs. These sweets are undoubtedly the protagonists during these dates.

Easter eggs can be found in all bakeries and shops throughout the country. Available in different sizes and colours, it's fun to look for chocolate eggs hidden in the gardens. In addition, the following day, Easter Monday, is a public holiday, so the day can be completed with a pleasant family picnic.

In Paris, this "egg hunt" will take place in various parks in the city, such as the Renoir Gardens of the Montmar​​tre Museum, the Cha​mps Elysées, the Chocolate Museum, etc.

Religious celebrations

Religious celebrations play an important role during Easter but this is especially true during Holy Friday, which is a perfect mo​ment to spend the day visiting temples and churches of the French cities. During this day, the Pathway of the Cross (Vía Crucis) take place, a ceremony that represents the suffering that Christ lived from his condemnation to his burial. 

What do you eat at Easter?​

Le navarin d'agneau, a typical dish of French Easter​.

Besides of the chocolate, the roasted leg of lamb is a very typical dish during Easter in France. Especially at Christian homes, it is very typical to taste this delicacy accompanied by seasonal vegetables and baked potatoes. ​Le navarin d'agneau is the name of this delicious dish that is often seasoned with Prov​ence​ herbs.

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