​​On May 6, 1889, the Eiffel Tower opened its doors to public and became the icon par excellence of the French capital. It was built as part of the World’s Fair of the Universal Exposition and in commemoration of the centenary of the French Revolution. The Eiffel Tower is a landmark of modern architecture just 6 hours and 25 minutes from Barcelona by Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation, but do you know all curiosities this building enshroud?

For 41 years its was the tallest building in the world


With its 300 meters high, it was the tallest building in the world since its construction until 1930, year in which the Chrysler Building in New York snatched the position. However, it remains the tallest structure in Paris, the tallest fifth in France and adding the antenna at the top, it surpasses the height of the Chrysler Building reaching 324 meters. 

It was not supposed to be permanent

At the beginning, the Eiffel Tower was intended to be destroyed twenty years after the Universal Exposition. However, in 1900 the French Navy added a radio antenna at the highest point that saved it from destruction. During the Nazi occupation of Paris (1940-44) the antenna was used to broa​dcast German television. 

The Eiffel Tower could has been a renowned symbol in other european cities


The Project was presented in many cities but was rejected by all of them. Actually, Gustave Eiffel was thinking in Barcelona when he designed it. But the Catalan capital did not approve its construction due to lack of adaptation to local aesthetic.

There are currently 17 reproductions of the Tower all over the world, being the replica of Las Vegas the largest (165 meters) and the one in Michigan the smallest (3 meters).    

Gustave Eiffel was not his real name

The Eiffel family was originally from Germany and their last name was Bönickhause, but the French were unable to pronounce it. Gustave officially changed his surname in 1880, nine years before the opening of the Tower.

Gustave Eiffel was named builder of the Eiffel Tower

Maurice Koechlin, Émile Nouguier and Stephen Sauvestre - Wikimedia Commons

The original design project came from Maurice Koechlin y Émile Nouguier, which was reviewed and improved by Stephen Sauvestre. ​

The tower changes color every 7 years

Every seven years, the Tower is painted with 60 tons of paint to prevent corrosion. That is why it has changed color several times. The new tonality is decided by visitors through voting on the first floor. 

It is the fourth most visited


It is the fourth most visited monument in the world surpassing the 7 million visits.​

The Eiffel Tower does not always have the same size

In summer the tower is 18 cent​imeters taller than in winter due to thermal expansion of metal.

Ice skating is offered in winter

Ice skating - www.toureiffel.paris

In 2005 an ice rink was installed on the first floor for the first time. It measures 190 square meters and skates can be rented there. ​

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  • kmdesai 23/05/2016 09:28:45
    Excellent tower . Excellent designe by Mr. Eiffel
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    Remarkable historical architecture. The modern Egyptian pyramid.
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    this is a very apt comment A MORDERN EGYPTIAN PYRAMID
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    very beautiful
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    Man can do wonder. And can produce the beautiful arts, building, technology and rest of things. There is something about the Tower you can not describe in words, like Taj Mahal. You can just sit and admire. Most romantic feelings
  • Philip de Jonghe 17/04/2018 10:14:05
    It’s a real Eyefull
  • Mike 21/04/2018 18:20:47
    It’s nice and all but the North Africans that plague the surrounding area trying to sell you fake items and the gipsy that are all over the tower trying to pick pocket you are a huge problem last time I was there they announced every 5 minuets that pick pockets are active in the tower it even forced the premature closure of the tower tour.
  • Mark 22/04/2018 05:07:15
    Interesting no mention was made of Hitler’s order to destroy Paris and the tower when they could no longer hold the city. Orders obviously ignored by the local German command.
  • Francia Macasling 01/05/2018 08:45:16
    I dont even know this building
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    Was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life to see this wonder!
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    Where is it.
  • CGORA 10/05/2018 00:15:34
    It is also build iaw Golden Ratio and contains the names of famous French engineers, mathematicians and scientists.
  • Mohammed Aiyub 20/05/2018 16:50:36
    truly remarkable engineering by Gustave Eiffel and his team.
  • Russ 25/05/2018 00:15:51
    The first thing to learn is that it's proper name is "monument du Eiffel" it's not a tower
  • Jorg von Soderberg 26/05/2018 21:38:30
    Only a German could design some thing liken the Eiffel Tower.
  • Mihai Columban 28/05/2018 00:22:29
    11. Was made in Romania. ( Resita)
  • Rob 31/05/2018 18:53:33
    50 tons of paint every five years cannot be correct. That’s 1,000 tons of paint every 100 years. Approximately 1,250 since it was built.
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