​​​The school year is over. Enjoying your holidays after the last exams is important. However, sometimes you should already think about organizing the following year, especially if you have decided to experience the Erasmus adventure! 

This program, which allows all students to continue their studies at a European university, is attracting an ever-increasing number of young people and Spain is one of the most popular destinations. 

To prepare this important stage of your life, Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation can accompany you and give you some advice, so you can get ready for your Erasmus experience in Spain.

Travelling by train: the easiest and most convenient way to get to Spain

Enjoy the trip and plan your routes so you do not forget anything

In Erasmus, you have to leave for several months and you need to bring not only your clothes and personal belongings, but also school supplies. Travelling with Renfe-SNCF is the best option available to you, for several reasons:

- Comfort​. Renfe-SNCF will take care of your transport. During the trip, you just have to sit comfortably in your armchair and look at the landscapes that pass before your eyes, read, listen to music or stretch your legs walking to the bar, for example. In addition, you will have a peaceful trip, as the train is the safest and most environmentally friendly way to travel between France and Spain.

- The luggage. You can take up to three pieces of luggage with you, but because Erasmus rhymes with pleasure, more special items such as surfboards are allowed! The sportiest and/or environmentally conscious will also be delighted to learn that they can take their bikes with them for free!

- The prices. We offer you a Young SNCF card discount that allows you to get 25% off the available Essential and Flexi fares. The Essential fare allows you to travel to Barcelona for €39 from Paris, Lyon and Marseille and for €29 from Toulouse, Montpellier, Carcassonne and Narbonne. But, if you are one of those students who only decide at the last minute, you can also opt for the Flexi fare, designed for those who need maximum flexibility until the last minute.

Living in Spain

New people, new places, new experiences ... get ready for an unforgettable trip!

Housing is often a source of anxiety for frightened students who are afraid of not finding a place to settle down and put down their luggage. Shared accommodation is a great way to meet friends, integrate quickly and improve your Spanish level. In addition, roommates have the advantage of offering affordable rents. Some universities also offer rooms in university residences.

Moving around Spain is very easy. Public transport is suitable for everyone. You can opt for the bus, bicycle or metro to discover the city and go to university. On weekends, to go a little further, the Renfe cercanías suburban trains are the best option! Finally, during the holidays, you will be able to visit your friends who are studying at other universities or easily visit anyone you want thanks to the railway lines that connect many cities. In addition, the number of High Speed Trains is always increasing, so, for instance, you’ll be able to make a Madrid-Valencia journey in only 1h30!

A whole year in Erasmus is always unforgettable! To return to France, with your head and suitcases full of memories, Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation will be there for you.​

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