​​​​With winter just around the corner, it is time to get cozier and keep the body warm to deal with the lowering temperatures. One of the best ways to fight the cold temperatures is eating food. That is the reason why, today, we will tell you what are the French winter foods that you should try and the best restaurants to do so. Our Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation ​high-speed trains connect several Spanish locations with the main French cities so you can enjoy the wonders of our theses countries, among which we can find the French’s cuisine, of course.


A complete dish to recover from the cold

The cassoulet is a dish that is very similar to a stew, and its main ingredients are beans and several meat pieces such as ribs, glacé duck, bacon, etc. Depending on the season, it could also include black pudding. Thus, it is a dish that provides a lot of energy and fat— ideal to warm the stomach. It is a specialty from the south of France​, especially from the Languedoc region. 

In destinations such as Toulouse ​or Carcassone, you can enjoy this delicious dish. "La Cave au Cassoulet" or "Chez Emile," both of them in Toulouse, are among the best restaurants to enjoy this dish.


For those who like seafood, this is the best dish

In the south, we can find another delicacy that is perfect for the coldest months. The Bouillabaisse is prepared with fish and shellfish, tomatoes, onions and several spices. It is a typical dish from Marseille that is served with bread slices and that agrees with you divinely. 

If you happen to be at this pretty city in southern France, you can try this stew in the "Chez Fonfon" restaurant, which is considered an authority when it comes to this dish.

Duck confit

The dishes innovate in terms of design but the essence is the same 

Duck confit comes from southern France, particularly from the Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrénées regions, although it is true that its popularity has reached the rest of the country. It is a culinary delight of demanding preparation that allows itself to be preserved with its own fat. It is usually served with baked potatoes, so it is a very sumptuous dish.

In Paris​, you will find several restaurants in which you will be able to try this tasty dish, such as "‘Le Petit Canard" or "Au Petit Sud Ouest."

Beef bourguignon

One of the most famous dishes in France and also the most delicious 

This ox stew cooked with red wine is in fact one of the favourite dishes of the French people. Although it can be found all across the country, the truth is that it comes from Burgundy. It is generally served with onions, mushrooms, bacon and carrots. It is so cozy that there is nothing better to help you endure the winter.

One of the best beef bourguignon dishes in Paris—and probably in all France—can be found in the "Josephine Chez Dumonet" restaurant.

Gratin Dauphinois

 Currently the recipe is the same but can be varied by adding pieces of bacon to the gratin

This list would not be complete if we did not mention this dish of potatoes au gratin that comes from the French Alps. In addition, the truth is that a platter of potatoes coated in creamy garlic sauce fresh from the oven is exactly what one needs to endure the harsh winter.

Would you like to try them? In Grenoble, between the cities of Valence and Lyon, you will find pleasing restaurants such as "Le Gratin Dauphinois." If you are in Lyon, stop over in the "Le Trocadero" restaurant and you will want to lick your fingers.

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