French wines are one of the most prestigious and sought after gastronomic products. Together with Italy, Spain and Portugal is one of the leading wine producers around the world. In this case in particular we will focus on the designation of origin of Bachelleri and the city of Beziers. 


French wine: history, regions and varieties  

​Wine barrel with history, regions and varieties

French wine is one of the oldest in the world. Its origin goes back to the times of the Roman Empire. At the moment it is considered a fundamental and essential part of the French gastronomy. France is the second region of the world with more hectares of vine, only exceeds Spain​.

 In France there are a large number of wine regions. The main ones are: Vineyard of Alsace, Vineyard of Beaujolais, Vineyard of Bordeaux, Vineyard of Burgundy, Vineyard of Champagne (V. Of Champagne), Corsica Vineyard, Vineyard of the Jura, Vineyard of Languedoc, Vineyard of Provence, Vineyard of Roussillon (V. Du-Roussillon), Savoy Vineyard, Southwest Vineyard (V. du Sud-Ouest), Loire Valley Vineyard (V. du Val-de-Loire), Rhone Valley Vineyard (V. Des Côtes du Rhône. In addition to these regions there are also other smaller regions which are: Vineyard of the slopes of the Lionés (V. des coteaux du Lyonnais), Vineyard of Bugey (V. du Bugey), Vineyard lorenés (V. Of Lorraine), vineyard of Ile de France (V. de d'Île-de-France). Apart from this is the region of the vineyard Normandy, which has disappeared.

As we said at the beginning of the text, French wine dates back to the time of the Roman Empire. Although according to certain historians there are also data that already at the moment of the Greek civilization there are data of the use of the vine in the territories colonized in the Mediterranean coast. The cultivation spread and grew enormously during Roman times. But with the fall of the empire and the entry into the Middle Ages, production stopped in large numbers and many areas of cultivation were lost.

Regarding the wine varieties, we can find different aspects. Their classification can be from colour to aging. According to the classification of the colour we find: Vin blanc (white wine), Vin rouge (red wine), Vin rosé (rose wine), Vin gray (gray wine). According to the time (aging) we find the following: Vin primeur (wine of the year, destined to be consumed in space of maximum six months), Vin de garde (wine of guard, apt to be conserved numerous years, according to each particular case). 

Wine routes, wine tourism and wine therapy  

One of the beautiful wine-growing areas

Wine tourism is a type of tourism that takes place in the wine-growing areas. It is closely related to gastronomic tourism and to the culture and art of the area in question. In addition to these areas have been developed around these areas lots of therapeutic centers and spas taking advantage of the use of wine and the qualities it has, this is called wine therapy, which in recent years has become very fashionable. Wine tourism is associated with the visit of vineyards and wineries where tastings and tests are usually carried out, as well as the process of explaining how wine is produced and produced. It is also often related to the tasting of gastronomic products in order to make the visit pleasant.​

With respect to which we talked about wine therapy in the first paragraph, in France there is a long tradition in this regard. In fact, the origin of this is located in the region of Graves, near Bordeaux. A place where there are some of the oldest wineries in Europe. Its precursors were Matilde Cathiard and Bertrand Thomas. Treatment has been expanding in different parts of the world, and even outside Europe. There are currently wine therapy treatments in Argentina or Brazil. 

Regarding the therapeutic uses of each type of wine, we have the following:

 - Lambrusco: Rich in minerals, it helps to maintain the skin.
 - Sauvignon: It has tranquilizing propides. Usually used to massage.
 - Chianti: Also with relaxing properties. 
- Cabernet or Merlot: Helps remove dead skin cells.
 - Rioja: Various health and cosmetic treatments.


The old bridge that crosses the river Orb of Beziers

The city of Beziers, is one of the oldest localities of France, exactly towards 700B.C. It is located in the region of Occitania, in the south of France, near the Mediterranean. Through the city, passes the river Orb, which made possible the settlement of the city. 

Beziers has a large number of historical and cultural monuments to visit. These include: Saint-Nazaire cathedral, Beaux-Arts museum, Saint-Jacques museum and the old bridge that crosses the river Orb and dating from the Middle Ages. In addition there are a great number of Romanesque and Gothic churches that have their origin also in the Middle Ages.

​Regarding wine tourism, Beziers is a highlight. The vineyard of the Béziers region, in the heart of the largest French vineyard, Languedoc-Roussillon. It is constellated with a rich cultural and agricultural heritage in the image and likeness of its wine palette: DOC Coteaux du Languedoc Terrasses de Béziers and Vin de Pays share the different lands and offer you various names such as «Les Côtes de Thongue» or « Les Coteaux du Libron». 

In order to complement this well, it is also recommended to make good use of the gastronomy of the area. Here the cuisine is decidedly Mediterranean, mixed with Spanish, Catalan, Provencal influences. In the city there are several restaurants of prestige, where they have worked prestige chefs. 

Finally we have the question of where to stay. Here we can take a hotel, a farmhouse, an apartment or a campsite. The most recommended option is to choose one of its many hotels. Here you can find: HOTEL PARTICULIER BEZIERS, HOTEL MERCURE and HOTEL IMPERATOR.


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