​​​​If you close your eyes and imagine yourself in the mountains or relaxing on a Mediterranean beach, the last thing you will think about is the trip that will take you there. We think that getting there is a very important part of the voyage, and also one of our favourite. The way you choose to get somewhere always plays a key role. At Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation,​ we do not only think that the train is the best way to travel, we also love it. 

We will give you six reasons showing that the train is the best option for your getaways:

1. It's practical

Travelling on our trains is as easy as booking a ticket and boarding the train up to two minutes before it departs. You don't have to get there an hour earlier and waste additional time to your trip. And then, when you get to your destination, you can get up; pick up ​your things and go. 

2. It's comfortable

The trip in general is very pleasant. You can put your bags practically anywhere you like, the seats are farther apart than on a plane or bus, and they're comfortable, clean and feature electrical outlets.

On the one hand there's the possibility of enjoying a relaxing, stress-free voyage, with films and several music channels available. On the other, our trains give you the chance to walk around and socialise. You can move between the cars and go to the cafeteria car, which breaks up the monotony of a long trip. 

3. It's conveniently located

One of the main advantages of travelling by train is the conveniently located stations. The most important are usually in city centres, just minutes away from businesses, restaurants and hotels.

In the case of Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation, all our trains have stops at centrally located stations, which multiplies your ability to link to other destinations in France or other European countries.

4. It's fast and affordable


Our high-speed trains cut down your travel time, perfect for both business and leisure trips. 

What's more, trains can be one of the most affordable means of transport. Depending on the distance, aeroplanes are often the costliest option due to the price of the ticket and additional charges, not to mention additional bags.

Train tickets, however, include up to 3 bags and seat selection. Plus, if you book online or at a station there are no additional fees.

5. They offer great freedom

Trains offer complete freedom to move around. You can get up from your seat and move around inside or go to the cafeteria car to relax during the trip.

From the time you board until you get off, you have time to watch a film, read a good book, write an article, catch up on Twitter, talk to your travelling companions, walk around on the train or simply lie back and enjoy the view.

You can work comfortably with no restrictions on the use of mobile devices. You can even book a seat with a table for greater convenience. And there are various products available for purchase in the restaurant car, or right from your seat if you don't want to move.

6. Atmosphere​

Tired of seeing nothing but clouds or roads? A trip by train can offer its passengers some very nice views, making it that much enjoyable. You have a front-row seat to incredible beauty, everything from green meadows to the vibrant colours of various cities.

What's more, trains are one of the most eco-friendly and least polluting means of transport. CO2 emissions are four times lower per person than travelling by aeroplane and three times lower than by car.
So don't give it a second thought and get away on a train with Renfe-SNCF en Cooperation !

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  • Tom D. 25/03/2022 19:08:29
    I recently completed my first real travel by train vacation on Amtrak's 91 and 92 service between Washington Union Station and Orlando. I was originally in a coach seat, but decided to upgrade to a roomette because I really didn't want to have to wear a mask for 19 hours. Impressions: Union Station: The main hall is beautiful, Amtrak's hall is dated and looks dirty. The Acela Lounge was pleasant, and the attendant were very helpful, but it offered popcorn, packaged danish, warm OJ, and water. The train: All of Amtrak's trains are dated 1970 at best. the carpets and the seats are clean, but the hard surfaces are chipped and stained. My roomette: Perfect for one person, a tight squeeze for two. Beds comfortable and air was perfect. Since I was riding alone I liked having the toilet in the room. However, it would be very awkward if you're travelling with someone else. Food: Terrible. It's microwave mush. There is nothing redeeming about the food other than it's "free" for sleeper passengers. Even then, I decided to pass on having the same MW much for lunch as I was potentially going to have for dinner. Porters and care of passengers: This is the one redeeming quality about Amtrak travel. From the ticket agents to the car porters, to the baggage porters they were outstanding. They'd do anything for you and treated every passenger special. Cost: Ridiculous. It cost me almost $900 for a round trip roomette between D.C. and Orlando. That is 3 times the cost (and 5 times the travel time) of a airline ticket. Overall, I love travelling by train, but there is no way train travel in the U.S. will be competitive or economical for families, or even the single passenger unless they want to be in coach the entire time. The lack of full service dining, a club car, and a reasonable price just doesn't compete with hoping on a plane and being there in 4 hours.
  • Michael Power 18/07/2022 15:12:02
    Compensation for delays

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