Fruits and vegetables, crafts, books, antiques, flowers… what you can buy at France’s covered markets is unpredictable. What’s more, you needn’t buy anything while you are there ; just walking among the dozens of stands, smells and colours will make you feel that entering its doors was worth it. 

If you feel like discovering the most beautiful covered markets in this wonderful country, simply climb aboard one of our Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation​ trains. We will take you at high speed to the main cities in France, so that you get to know these markets and many other locations.

Flower Market (Paris)

The Paris ​Flower Market is not only one of the most beautiful in France, but also one of the most colourful. This is due to the hundreds of plants, bushes and flowers that are clustered throughout the market. Here, you will find traditional plants, but also more exotic ones – and even carnivorous plants. 
This semi-covered market is located at Place Louis Lépine, very close to the Cathedral of Notre-Dame. As a curiosity, on Sundays it becomes a Birds’ Market, and is filled with eye-catching birds and cages.

Les Halles Castellane Market (Montpellier)

A few steps from the Montpellier ​Cathedral – the largest temple in the Languedoc-Roussillon region – you can find this iconic covered market. It is open every day from early morning to well into the afternoon, and there you can find all kinds of vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, cheese and bread. Overall, it is a must-visit if you want to try fresh products and prepare a delicious meal with flavours from southern France.

Les Halles Paul Bocuse Market (Lyon)

Exterior and interior of Les Halles de Paul Bocuse

Everyone knows that France is one of the gastronomic destinations par excellence. In this country, there are cities like Lyon​, which are known for their culinary offering. The Les Halles Paul Bocuse Market is named after one of the most famous chefs in the Rhône capital city. Here, more than fifty stands come together to offer not only exquisite fruits, vegetables and meats, but also gourmet products. It will be impossible not to give in to temptation!

Saint-Cyprien Market (Toulouse)

Interior and exterior of the Saint-Cyprien de Toulouse market - Images courtesy of Toulouse Tourism

The most outstanding thing about Saint-Cyprien in Toulouse ​is that it still maintains the essence of the markets of yesteryear. Visiting it is almost like going back in time. This market is opened every day except for Mondays. But don’t worry, because on Mondays you can also enjoy its history-rich facilities, but while walking among its bookstands instead.

Marché des Enfants Rouges (Paris)

Exterior of the Red Children's Market - Image courtesy of Wikipedia

The oldest covered market in Paris dates back to 1628 and is named this way after a nearby orphanage where children would dress in red. There, you will not only be able to fill your shopping bags with meats, cheeses, flowers or fruits, but it is also known for its international food stands. Pick the menu of your preference and take a sit at the terrace to enjoy it.

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