​​The Mediterranean Sea is as beautiful as it is important for its role in history, being one of the main trade routes for all the countries that border it, including France and Spain. These two countries have been made easily accessible with Renfe- SNCF in Cooperation’s high-speed trains, which allow you not only to travel back and forth but also to view all the impeccable scenery along the way. These trains are relaxing, comfortable, easy to use and full of great sights as described in this article! 


On this journey, you get the opportunity to travel through some of Europe’s most exciting and historic places. Tarragona, the old roman city located in the Northeast region of Spain, is home to sunny weather, crystal clear waters and beautiful architecture. By riding one of Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation’s trains, you will get a first-hand view at everything this region has to offer. While you are passing the northern coast of Spain you’ll go by Costa brava, famous for its incredible beaches! Going a further south you’ll reach Barcelona, a must-see city full of nightlife, great food and beautiful Gaudi creations! Just one hour south from Barcelona you’ll arrive to Tarragona, the smaller yet rich city that is sure not to disappoint. From the Roman walls to the Amphitheatre to the Forum and Necropolis, this city will take you back to the Roman times and the trip here will leave you blown away by all the natural beauty! 


You also get the chance to explore the exciting port city on France’s Mediterranean Coast, Marseille! France’s second largest city, Marseille, is home to timeless architecture and ocean shores, making this historic yet modernized city a traveling hotspot! This city was home to the ancient Greeks and Romans, which you can clearly see when you walk through the Jardin des Vestiges (Garden of Ruins) that was once the ancient Greek port and eventually the Roman port. The strategic geographical location of this city is what lead to it becoming the French Empire’s largest and most important trade port.

The trip from Marseille to Tarragona and vice versa is a beautiful journey with no better road than that of Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation, which follows the coast giving you unforgettable scenes of the Mediterranean Sea with the trains large windows giving every passenger wonderful views! Whether you prefer the beach, mountains, history, nightlife, museums or cuisine, you will find it all and more on the trip of a lifetime to Tarragona and Marseille! 


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