​​Did you know that no bell tower is completely identical to one another? 
In this article, we invite you to look up at some of the most beautiful bell towers in Spanish and French cities like Madrid, Paris or Barcelona. 
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Some of the most beautiful bell towers in Madrid…

One of the most importants in Spain for its cultural and historical value

During a stay in Madrid, the Almudena Cathedral, located in front of the Royal Palace, is of course a must-see. As you pass by, we invite you to linger on its bell towers. The tower on the right-hand side of its façade is known as Mariana or Gallegos (Galicians), as the bells it houses were donated by the Galicians: Santa María la Real de la Almudena, Santa María de la Paloma, Santa María de Atocha and Santa María de la Flor de Lis. The carillon is located in the left tower, overlooking Calle de Bailén.

All around the centre of Madrid​, you can see many bell towers of very different styles, which are reflections of the region's past: the Herrerian-style bell tower of the church of San Pedro el Viejo in Barajas overlooks a brick tower in the Mudejar style well known to Madrilenians, which houses 5 bells and is the only remaining Mudejar element of the building. The bell tower of the church of Robledo de Chavela, the tower of the church of San Sebastian in Cercedilla, the tower of Torrejón de Ardoz, or the bells of La Hiruela or Puebla de la Sierra will not fail to catch your attention as they are so charming.

Some of the prettiest bell towers in Zaragoza…

The high height of the tower offers a breathtaking view of the whole city

It is impossible to mention the bell towers of the Aragonese capital​ without mentioning the Tower of the Seo of the Cathedral of El Salvador, more commonly known as La Seo. This tower meets the criteria of the Romanesque Baroque style. You will be able to spend several minutes observing its interesting architecture, which owes its elegance to the interplay of wavy lines. Likewise, we invite you to linger on the details of the bell tower of the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pilar, which is as interesting for its architectural richness inside as it is outside.

Some of the most beautiful bell towers in Barcelona…


Barcelona has a large number of impressive churches, but one of the least known but of great beauty is Santa María del Pi

The Sagrada Familia is undoubtedly the most emblematic monument in the city of Barcelona​. It is today on its bell towers that we invite you to linger. As you may know, once completed, this church initiated by the famous architect Antoni Gaudí will have 18 towers, including many bell towers... Why build so many of them? Because Gaudí decided to dedicate each tower to an apostle, more or less according to their importance. John and Matthew, both of whom became evangelists, will be more in the centre.

We also invite you to look up to the sky during a walk through the Gothic Quarter. Santa María del Mar, Santa María del Pi and the Basilica of the Holy Martyrs Just and Pastor have the added advantage of allowing you to climb to the top of their bell towers to see them up close and from the inside, but also to enjoy a superb view of the city. The last of the three houses a painting by Josep Mirabent and Bartomeu Ribó dating from 1857 depicting four stages of the Passion and Resurrection.

Some of the most beautiful bell towers in Paris...


                     From Montmartre, you can have an incredible view of the whole city

The French capital​, of course, is home to some of the most spectacular churches in the country. You could make a tour just by visiting temples and you would never be bored. These are some of the most beautiful Parisian bell towers:

The Bell Tower of the Sacré Coeur Basilica. This is another of the temples not to be missed, more so considering its grandiose 84-meter-high bell tower. Inside, there is the Savoyarde, the largest bell in France.

The Bell Tower of the Saint-Germain des Près Abbey. This is one of the oldest bell towers in Paris, as it was built in the 9th century.

Some of the most beautiful bell towers in Lyon...

​About 2 hours from Lyon is Dijon, called the city of 100 steeples. You can take advantage of your visit to the capital of the Rhone to admire them, although, if you are short of time, the Lyon bell towers will not disappoint you:

The Bell tower of the Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourvière. The most emblematic temple in Lyon has a bell tower that does not go unnoticed, on top of which there is a golden statue of the Virgin Mary.

The Bell Tower of Saint-Paul Church. Another bell tower worth seeing is that of this church, one of the oldest in Lyon. You will soon identify it, as it is crowned by a 24-meter high stone spire.

Some of the prettiest bell towers in Montpellier...

Saint-Pierre has a unique architecture that makes it one of the most unique cathedrals in France

The last stop on this route through the most interesting bell towers is Montpellier. These are the ones you shouldn't miss:

Saint-Pierre Cathedral. The majestic Cathedral of Montpellier surprises even from the façade itself, as it is accompanied by two conical pillars that look more like a castle. The bell tower houses a total of seven bells. Three of them, those of the clock, are located in a wrought iron bell tower located above the bell tower.

The Bell Tower of the Carré Sainte-Anne. There is no corner in Montpellier from which you can't see the bell tower of this neo-gothic church. Today, the church houses a cultural and exhibition centre.

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