​​Nothing beats getting a little fresh air and enjoy nature than picking mushrooms when autumn rolls around! 

In this article, we not only recommend the best places to find mushrooms, but also where to buy - or enjoy them - in the Catalan capital... 

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Where to look for mushrooms?

 Enjoy a natural space in the city

Sierra Collserola is a peri-urban park located on the outskirts of Barcelona. In the middle of the 11 000 hectares of forest, the chanterelles - or girolles if summer was rainy - proliferate, yet equally so do the "Ous de reig", or amanites of the Caesars, also known as Caesar's mushroom, which abound following the storms at the beginning of autumn... Later in the season, appear the high lepidiums or coulemelles as well as the têtes de moines. At the end of the season, you will rather find Hygrophorus russulas or vinassiers, as well as black trumpets and a few flap mushrooms! 

Be careful though, just as anywhere else, the forest doesn’t only arbour edible mushrooms and you will surely fall upon a few poisonous. If in doubt, don’t pick them... 

In the South of Barcelona, ​​you can pick mushrooms in Garraf Park. After the rain, one can find many "robellones" delicious milk and wax caps ...

Where to purchase them?

Buy in one of the oldest markets in the city

If you’ve left the forest empty handed, all is not lost: you’ll still have enjoyed a beautiful walk and can still pick up those desired mushrooms by going to the Boquería market, in Llorenç Petràs, which has offered many types of quality mushrooms for the last 40 years.

One will also be capable of heading over to Fruites i Verdures Labrador or Selectes Torrent at the Santa Caterina market, situated at locations 168 and 161 respectively.

Lastly, you can purchase quality fresh mushrooms at the Sagrada Familia market in Eixample, at Fruites i verdures Fina, situated at location 63.

Where to taste them?


Enjoy the mushrooms, either as an accompaniment or as a main dish

Topik is a nice restaurant with great price value, located at 199 Calle de Valencia, offering dishes "that people simply can’t prepare at home," says chef Adelf Morales. One will discover many mushroom dishes - the most famous one being partridge rice with shrimp and mushrooms.

Punx, located at 177 Avinguda Diagonal offers mushroom-based dishes such as black rice with black trumpets, accompanied by green asparagus or a sauté of pan fried mushrooms and squid…

Can Vallès offers dishes made with seasonal products. During the mushroom season, once can enjoy many different dishes - simple in appearance yet particularly tasty. In order to discover the latter, head over to 95 Carrer d'Aragó.

After a trip that was rich in flavours, the best way to travel back home is on a Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation High Speed Train. Comfortably seated in an armchair, relax and admire the beautiful autumnal landscapes parading before one’s eyes.

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