​​Speed is one of the main characteristics of many sports and on this matter, the trains of RENFE-SNCF in collaboration are specialists, taking you to Paris and Barcelona at full speed. Enjoy these 2 Olympic cities and their love for sports.

This 2016 is the year of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, and according to these events, we take you on a tour on the Olympic history of France and Spain.

The​​ father of ‘Olympics’
​The current Olympic Games are possible thanks to the tenacity of Pierre de Fredy, Baron of Coubertin. Teacher by profession, he traveled around the world promoting sports and linking them with the union of nations, and in 1894 decided to establish the modern Olympic Games. After the 1st edition in Athens, site of the ancient Olympic Games, the second edition in 1900 was held in his hometown, Paris.

PARIS 1900

Images from  the 1900 Olympic Games - Wikipedia

Pierre de Coubertin had a dream: to achieve such brilliant Olympic Games in his city that his ideals would come true, but that wasn’t the case. The French capital was hosting the World Expo on the same year that the games were held, and the French government didn’t help to boost the emerging games, to the point that the games were called  "International Competitions of Physical and Sports Exercises" and lasted as much as the World Expo. From the 20th of May to the 28th of October, a little bit more than five months! Undoubtedly, the longest Games ever. ​Some of these competitions were a little "crazy" offering games like;  fishing contests, break the pot,  60 meter under water  race and also swimming 200 meter hurdles, consisting of barrels that had to be overcome going under from them. There were no ceremonies or medals, the winners simply were offered the possibility of choosing an art object that couldn’t exceed 2000 francs in value. But the truth to be told, not even that was fulfilled. Overall nozzles, pipes, wallets and other personal belongings brought by individuals were offered. Something truly ridiculous in Olympic history and that many achievers refused to accept.

PARIS 1924

​Unlike the previous games, the 1924 Summer Olympics were athletically brilliant.Athletes enshrined in those games were the athlete Paavo Nurmi, the Flying Finn; the swimmer Johnny Weissmuller, known worldwide as the actor who played Tarzan in the movies, and British athletes Abrahams and Scholz, who were immortalized in the film Chariots of Fire. None can forget the appearance of René Lacoste, Borotra, Cochet and Brugnon, known as the four musketeers of French tennis. ​One of the main innovations of the Games, was the appearance of a single space for athletes, the Olympic Village. These were the last Games directed by Baron of Coubertin, where he left engraved the Olympic motto, "Citius, Altius, Fortius" (faster, higher, stronger).


Palau Sant Jordi, one of the jewels of Barcelona 92 Olympic Games

The XXV Olympic games  were held in Barcelona ​and were considered by many as the best ever.
The appearance of the legendary basketball Dream Team, USA’s team, a great organization and an overturned city during the 15 days that the games lasted  are some of the reasons to consider the Olympic Games in Barcelona, as one of the best Olympic games ever. After the failed candidacy of Madrid to host the 2012 Games, 2016 and 2020, Paris appears as a clear contender to become the host the 2024 Olympic Games. Soon we will find out!

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