What better way is there to spend a summer day than strolling through an outdoor market in a beautiful French or Spanish location? From everything regarding food and drink to antique trinkets, vintage clothing, and handmade items, the outdoor markets of France and Spain are some of the best in the world, and absolutely cannot be missed! With Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation’s high speed trains from France to Spain, you can lose yourself in the marvel of treasures these markets have to answer with no worry of missing out on a single one!


Paris oudoor market

A city full of incredibly rich history and a vibrant culture, outdoor markets are a staple for getting a feel of how the city really lives. Paris offers incredible markets, from art and antiques, books and collectables, pop-up fashion markets, organic markets, flea markets … you name it! A must visit is the Marché Bastille, one of the biggest food markets in Paris, held twice weekly in the Boulevard Richard Lenoir. With a gigantic sprawl of vendors, this market offers more produce than most hypermarkets, with especially great sources of free range chicken, local eggs, and delectable fresh fish. With an eclectic mix of rather classy, high-price rare foodie items to interspersed stalls stuffed with African batiks and cheap jewelry, this market (primary food based) is one that should not be missed when visiting the city of love! Enjoy the Parisian nightlife after a day of shopping in the markets!


CoursSaleya, Nice oudoor market

Held every Monday, the famous CoursSaleya at the French Riviera in Nice, France is one of the best antique markets in the world. The colorful, sun-drenched market runs from morning to mind-afternoon and hosts over 200 different antique vendors. It is a rather high-quality market, but it is still possible to find and hunt for bargains, especially in the nearby Pierre Gauthier, where bits and pieces are gathered for sale on the ground. This is a great market for strolling in the sun, taking in the views (and watching the people) and hearing a mix of languages as eclectic as the wares you can find; think vintage clothing, silver, china, regional ceramics from Monaco, rustic wooden items, and nautical themed objects. Watch one of these movies to transport yourself to the beauty of France!


El Retiro, Madrid oudoor market

Held every Sunday and on every public holiday, the iconic street market of El Rastro takes place in the vibrant capital city of Madrid, Spain. This is arguably one of the most popular outdoor, open-air markets, and for good reason! You will encounter a curious, interesting walk with delightful items at each step. Previously, this market sold exclusively antique objects, it has since allowed new items of all kinds- including clothes, jewelry, handbags, decorative items, etc. The main street of the Market contains primarily clothing, while the side streets offer the unique, hard-to-replicate treasures. The market is located along Plaza de Cascorro and Ribera de Curtidores, and is found next to La Latina, one of the oldest neighborhoods of Madrid, and an ideal spot for post-market shopping beer and tapas! Visit one of these popular summer festivals and truly experience Spain!


Els Encants, Barcelona oudoor market

Found in the extensive, open-sided complex near Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, the "Mercat dels Encants" is easily the biggest of its kind held in Barcelona. More than 500 vendors display their goods beneath massive mirrored panels, making for an extremely interesting, and visually captivating marketing shopping experience. The subastas (public auctions) take place every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 7:30 to 8:30 am, and is the best time to score an absolute ganga (bargain). The huge diversity of objects mixed with the hustle and bustle combination and unique architecture make for a rather memorable experience! The market features two bars/cafes and an electric bike shop, in addition to the numerous stalls selling everything imaginable from ornaments, books, cameras, clothing, furniture, hardware, electronics- truly anything and everything you can imagine! Discover your perfect destination as unique for you as the items found at the Barcelona market!

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