Although we have hot days, there is nothing like thinking of the cold days that awaits us in the weeks to come. And how to warm up when you're cold? Answer: a good typical dish, because indeed, our grandmothers knew (and know!) how to warm hearts and bodies. So if you want to taste the typical dishes that you should eat in winter in Spain, do not wait any longer and come visit us on board one of our comfortable Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation​ trains.

Atascaburras, Castilla-La Mancha

Even if the translation of the term can start some giggles ("mouth-ass"), it is one of the most traditional dishes of Spain, caloric, and easy to elaborate. Generally accompanied by toast, just mix previously desalted cod, cooked potatoes, olive oil, garlic and nuts until you get a delicious mashed potato puree. There is even a legend that ensures that for atascaburras to be better, you have to add some slush during cooking.

Tripes of Madrid, Madrid

A dish that is not to be taken lightly

The tripe is popular in Spain, and so the stews such as the Madrid tripe. A dish made from pieces of cow's stomach that are cooked over a slow fire, usually in a terracotta pan, chorizo, black pudding, tomato sauce and spices are added, all mixed in broth meat and paprika, which gives it its typical red color. This dish is very easy to find, not only in the bars and restaurants of Madrid but also, with some variations in the Principality of Asturias and in Catalonia.

Fabada Asturiana, Principality of Asturias

A dish of Fabada Asturiana and you will not need to eat all day

It is almost impossible to think of winter without this famous dish coming to mind. It is a kind of cassoulet, prepared with Asturian beans, pudding, chorizo ​​and pork. Highly caloric, this dish is perhaps the best known of all the country to warm up.


Very popular in winter in most Spanish regions with variations, this dish is prepared from chickpeas, veal, chicken, pork, pudding, chorizo, potatoes, carrots, vermicelli and sometimes bread. 

In Madrid, it is served three times: first soup, then chickpeas and vegetables and finally meat. 

In Leon, it is called maragato and is served inversely: first the meat, then the vegetables and finally the soup. 

In Cantabria, mountain stew is popular and is made with beans, cabbage and pork.

Escudella, Catalonia

Escudella can be eaten with the ingredients inside the soup or separately

Easy to prepare, this typical Catalan dish is made from vegetables, meats, sausages, potatoes and/or chickpeas. We cook a kind of big dumpling, called the pilota, which will be shared between all the guests. Very typical at Christmas, where are added pebbles, pasta shaped snail.

Potatoes from Rioja, La Rioja

A dish that quickly eliminates cold

Nothing is easier: potatoes, chorizo ​​and chilli. This is one of the best dishes in Spain and easy to find on the maps and menus of all the Spanish territory, with sometimes, some variations, like the addition of pork chops or veal... and why not enjoy this dish with a good little red wine typical of the region.

The winter is rather cold in France... do not think any longer and book your train tickets for Spain and come get yourself warmed up!

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