​​​​​The Spanish tapas are a snack or a starter very typical in Spain. It is quite common to see people, tourists or not, to have a drink sharing these small dishes. They are sometimes easy and quick to prepare, but are sometimes more sophisticated. What is sure is that they are always delicious! May it be or not the first time you travel to Spain with Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation high-speed trains, you should never miss such a tradition. Here are some of them:

Patatas bravas (Spicy Po​tatoes)

Some varieties of Patatas Bravas

It may be one of the most famous widespread tapas on the Spanish territory. This dish, served warm and fit for vegetarians, is a must. Easy to prepare as you just have to dice potatoes and to fry them with oil, the “brava” sauce depends on the region and on the bars and restaurants. Indeed, some of them have a secret recipe and others choose to serve a more or less spicy tomato sauce with or without ai​ol​​​i.

Tortilla de Patatas (Omelette with Potatoes)

A tortilla de patatas and a pintxo made with this delicious delicacy

Also very famous, the tortilla with potatoes (or Spanish tortilla) is a classic of the Spanish gastronomy. It is prepared with whisked eggs, potatoes and sometimes onions and yeast. Many bars, above all in Madrid, dice it to serve it as a “tapa”, adding sometimes the same sauces used for the patatas bravas.

Iberian Ham

A Ham and a “Tapa” of Ham ready to serve

Another classic among the tapas in the Spanish gastronomy. There are many varieties, the most famous and the most prestigious being the “pata negra” one, which comes from the Iberian pig fed with glands. It is a luxury in the gourmet gastronomy. The quality of this ham is determined depending on the purity of the breed of the animal.​

Pa Amb Tomàquet (Toast with Tomato​)

Used as tapa, first course or to go with the main courses, the “pa amb tomàquet”, “pa amb tomata” or “pa amb tomaca” is in fact a toast where a tomato cut into two pieces is rubbed on it and where olive oil and salt is added. This dish is typical in Catalonia, Aragon, Valencia and in the Balearic Islands, and is similar to the famous Italian “bruschetta”. On this bread, many people add a slice of Iberian ham or cheese.

Calamares a la Romana (Roman Calamari​​)

Calamares a la romana in different varieties

Also known as “fried squids » or “rabas” in Navarre, in the Basque country, in Cantabria and in Asturias, the squids are cut into rings and coated in breadcrumbs. They are generally eaten with mayonnaise and lemon juice. 


Two tapas of croquettes

Although it is a French dish, its popularity has gone over boundaries and is now a typical Spanish tapa. Based on a dough made of various ingredients, the bechamel sauce is however essential. Nowadays, it is easy to find cheese, ham, spinach croquettes, as well as many other varieties.



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