Are you a sports fanatic, but kind of prefer to watch them, rather than play them? Does the excitement of the game, any game, get your adrenaline going? Look no further- these incredible sports across France and Spain are sure to give you your adrenaline fix, while staying cool on the sidelines! With Renfe-SNCF en Cooperation’s new high-speed trains from France to Spain, you won’t have to miss out on any of the action this summer!


Rugby field

With a climate comparable to that of Florence or Barcelona, with mild winters and hot summers, Toulouse is great to visit all year round- but especially in summer with the peak of Stade Toulousain’s rugby team, arguably one of, if not the, finest rugby clubs in Europe. The club has provided many players to the national team, and have a very impressive record; they won the Heineken Cup 4 times and have the record of 19 French Championships. Toulouse has grown from a small town in the Provence to one of the liveliest cities in France, making this town a perfect summer destination. Check out the rugby club, and then stick around to see what makes Toulouse so very special!


Tour de france stage

The Tour de France is a world famous bicycle race, in which the contestants essentially do a tour of the entire country of France, covering 21 segments of the race over 23 days. For the most part, the entire race is encompassed within the borders of France, but occasionally the route will take riders through neighboring countries, such as Andorra or Spain. The race is held primarily in the month of July, making it a perfect summer sport to watch, and take part in something so iconic. The route changes every year, but the format remains the same: time trials, passage through the mountains of the Alps and the Pyrenees, and ending with the finish on the Champs-Élysées in Paris. The race changes between counterclockwise and clockwise circuits of France, and tickets are available to take part in the action and cheer on your favorite riding team! Looking for a sweet treat after all the excitement? Find the best macarons in Paris here!


Basket field

​When you hear about a Real Madrid sports team, it is quite likely that soccer is the first sport that comes to mind. Do not fall into this trap however, as the Madrileño athletes are equally as skilled in the game of Basketball. The team was founded back in 1931 and have since worked their way up to becoming the most successful basketball team in Spain and even all of Europe. Home to several star players and proud winners of 33 Spanish championships, a record 9 Euroleague championships and 5 International Cups, they are a team you will not want to miss out on! Spanish are also famous for their cheer and spirit, so you are guaranteed to see an eventful and atmospheric game! They are based Community of Madrid Sports Center (recently renamed as Barclaycard Center) in central Madrid, which, when not hosting basketball matches, also hosts other sports as well as prestigious concerts and events.  Check out these tips for living like a local while you visit Madrid!


Camp nou, Barcelona’s football club field

Barcelona is famous for many things (the works of Gaudí, Catalonian pride, nightlife), but most famously is Barcelona’s football club, FC Barcelona. The host to the world’s football (soccer) prodigy, Lionel Messi, Barcelona’s football following is something that cannot be missed. The league seasons run from August until May, and what better way to escape the summer heat than partaking in the crazy excitement at Camp Nou, Barcelona’s football stadium? The cheapest seats are in the fondo (behind the goals) with tribuna (pitchside stand) seats running a bit pricier. Take a stroll through the city and you’ll see aspiring football players anywhere you go- young kids dribbling a ball through an alley, a couple of friends passing the ball back and forth in the park, or a pickup game at any of the numerous open air fields around the city. Come experience the thrill of the game in one of the world’s greatest cities! Experience a different side of Barcelona with these music festivals!

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