​The theme parks have become one of the best plan to go out in family. May you travel or not with children, we recommend you to spend at least one full day in one of them. There is something for everyone in Spain: the traditional theme parks, with their roller coasters and spectacles, but also sport and adventure parks, wildlife parks, historic parks,... We have chosen five of them for you. Book your Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation train tickets and come to entertain yourself and to discover these Spanish parks.

Port Aventura World

Port Aventura 

It is an amusement park located near Tarragona and is among the most important ones in Spain. The complex is made up of various parks: Port Aventura theme park (where the famous Dragon Khan is), the Port Aventura aquatic park, a golf course (Mediterranea Beach&Golf), as well as five theme hotels. The complex has reently been enlarged to include the Ferrari Land park, the first Ferrari amusement park in Europe, which is supposed to open 7 April 2017. This park, which mascot is Woody Woodpecker, is one of the most visitated parks in Europe.

Warner Bros

Located in San Martin de la Vega, near Madrid, you can find the second highest freefall tower in the world, as well as 42 other attractions. Inaugurated in 2002, this park is divided into 5 theme areas, inspired by film and comic scenes produced by Warner Brothers, DC comics and areas of the United States, like the Californian beaches, Los Angeles or New York. Since 2006, Warner Bros has been considered as the safest park in Spain. Its sets have also been used for many shootings for TV programmes and video clips.

Isla Mágica

Isla Mágica

Located in Sevilla, Isla Mágica is a park focused on the discovery of America. Using various installations of the Universal Exhibition of 1992, the park was inaugurated in 1997 and is made up of 7 theme areas, one of them called Agua Mágica, an aquatic park opened in 2014, which has an artificial beach, a waving pool, water slides, swimming pools for families and children and a slow river.

Aventura Amazonia

It is the biggest red of adventure parks in the country, with five parks integrated into forests and spread on the Spanish geography. The most famous attractions are the death slides, though there are other ways to go from one tree to another. There are different levels of difficulty in the multi-adventures circuits, from the easiest ones for children to the most extreme ones for the ones wanting to burn adrenalin.


If you feel like feeling like a cowboy, this park is made for you! Located in the Tabernas desert, near Almeria, it was designed by Carlo Simi to shoot “For a fistful of dollars”. From then, it was used for many westerns shooting, among them, “The good, the bad and the ugly”. Nowadays, the park offers daily spectacles with cowboys, hold-ups and can-can. It also have a zoological reserve for big felines, an exotic fauna and a pool. 

Whatever your style may be, entertainment is guaranteed with the theme parks in Spain. After a long and intense day having fun, enjoy the comfort of the Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation high speed trains to go back home.

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