​​​Travelling with a children does not need to be a chore for the families. If you are worried about the comfort and safety of your little one, the best option to guarantee a safe journey is to choose the train. Especially if we talk about a long-distance trip. Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation makes it easier for you and guarantees assistance in case you need it. Have a look at our policy "Travelling with children​" and… get on the train !

There are many advantages about travelling with train compared with other means of transport such as the plane or the car.

​1) No space problems. You will have on hand everything you need for the baby: diapers, clothes, blankets and teddy bears. In addition, the buggy will travel with you on the same coach.


2) Make the most of your time: trips are shorter, since train stations are located in the city centre. Different from airports, where you need to be​​ there at least two hours before taking off, with trains you can take maximum advantage of your time before d​eparture. Moreover, your baby needs no personal documentation to travel. You will save time on paperwork.

3) Stress-free security controls. You can get on the train with bottles, powdered milk or any other foodstuff the little one might need during the trip. Besides, there is no need to remove the baby from the buggy to cross the security gate. A lot of hassle if the baby is sleeping !​

4) In case you need to change your baby, trains offer you proper facilities: most of the toilets have changing tables for babies. In addition, the staff in the cafeteria will be glad to warm up the bottle for your little one. ​

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