​​France has many typical dishes that most tourists taste when they travel there. However, only a few dare to give it a try to the three fondues. The most famous may be the Chocolate one as it has already crossed borders. The second one is undoubtedly the Cheese one, above all to people who have been to the Alps or any French mountainous regions. But there is one more type… the Bourguignonne one. After reading this article, you will think of nothing else than booking a Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation​ train ticket to travel as quickly as you can to France and to taste all the three! 

As many specialties in Europe, Fondue comes from the poor people who lived on the Swiss border between France and Italy. They heated the cheese until it melted and, with a stick, they dipped pieces of bread, cooked chicken, vegetables among others in the pot. Nowadays, it is considered a delicacy and it comes in multiple variations.

● Cheese fondue 


The most famous fondue, where you can accompany it with meat, bread and even fruit 

The most famous fondue, where you can accompany it with meat, bread and even fruit This is the most popular type of fondue and is actually the original one. You of course must love cheese as there is a lot of it! Normally the cheese is a mixture of a couple of different cheeses, and sometimes in certain restaurants the chef will add some garlic, herbs and even a splash of brandy or white wine.  

Can you imagine the variety of flavours and smells coming out of the Fondue pan? This pan is actually called a caquelon and is always put in the middle of the guests to ensure everyone has equal access to it, no one wants to miss out! To scoop up the delicious cheese each restaurant has their own selection of dipping elements, bread, potatoes, pieces of meat or vegetables are the most popular. 

● Fondue Bourguignonne 

​This is perfect for those meat lovers as it is finger licking good. The Bourguignonne variety gets its name from the region it comes from Burgundy and an area of France well known for their love for meat. This fondue needs the supervision of an adult as the caquelon contains oil to fry the meat, but you only leave it in for a few seconds until it is golden brown. Then again in fondue fashion it is served with a few tasty sauces to dip the meat into once cooked the way you like it. Simple and tasty! 

● Chocolate fondue 

​For those who like candy the most is without a doubt the perfect option 

For people who are sweet tooth, this type of fondue is generally their favourite. It can even be found at weddings, parties and events around the world. Chocolate fondue is brilliant because you can literally dip anything you like into the hot sticky chocolate! Fruits, nuts, sweets, bread or anything else you think chocolate goes well with! 

The best fondue restaurants in Paris 

​Let us give you some good spots in Paris where you can taste these gastronomic delicacies: 

Pain, Vin, Fromage: close to Notre-Dame, you will find this wonderful restaurant where the star is the “Fondue Savoyarde” (the cheese one). If you don’t make any reservation though, you may have to wait a little to be able to get a table as its reputation and service convert this restaurant into a place where people enjoy meeting to have a good dinner. 

Heureux comme Alexandre: you should go there being hungry! Indeed, the amount of food you will be served is huge. There you will be able to taste the three typical fondues, so get ready! 

Le Chalet Savoyard: in that restaurant, you will feel as if you were in the Alps. This place is all an experience by itself. Surrounded with cheese, it is the place for cheese lovers where you will be able to taste not only the fondue, but also the raclette, another typical French dish with a lot of cheese! 

Have we fuelled your appetite, are you feeling hungry? Treat yourself and board our high-speed Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation trains and prepare for a gastronomical getaway that is difficult to beat. 


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