​​There are a thousand reasons to travel in Catalonia throughout any season, and among them there are the vineyards. 

Let this article be an invitation to discover the Penedès - famous across the world for its wine and cava. ​

Don’t wait any longer to succumb to the temptation of tasting them all: book your tickets with Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation to Barcelona or Tarragona and enjoy the wine heritage of the region, without failing to discover exception, small villages!

With more than 27,000 hectares and 135 wineries, the Penedès region is undoubtedly the winemaking region of Catalonia. A wine route will allow one to discover its beautiful landscapes located between the Mediterranean coast and the mountainous area near the coast - pleasuring both the eyes and the taste buds. The region’s wines are elaborated with traditional varieties of autochthonous grapes and French ones. Moreover, specialists in the area work every day in order to develop new varieties through sophisticated mixtures, and the region has thus become a point of reference for oenologists and wine lovers around the world.

Enjoy the rural tranquility a few kilometers from Barcelona

In September and October, many activities are organized in different wineries and dwellings dedicated to tourism. One will have the opportunity to (re)discover all the wine elaboration processes as well as the techniques allowing such to be of incredibly high quality.

The Castellroig and Cavas Nadal wineries offer wine lover tasting days, a visit to the Museum of Wine Cultures of Catalonia (Vinseum) as well as the cellars of Parés Baltà and Can Feixes. The Museum of Catalan Wine Culture is a true pilgrimage site for all wine lovers. It is said that the inhabitants of the region drink and live the wine with such a contagious passion, that many people return home with the idea of making their own wine.

If heading through the Jean Leon winery, one will have the opportunity, for at least an hour and a half, not only to visit the place, but also to return to childhood since the owners of the winery offer fun workshops in order to learn to differentiate wines and their aromas. Beware - don’t give into the temptation of drinking all the samples, this isn’t the goal!

​Discover the secrets of winemaking

One can continue the route by visiting the vineyards of Sant Sadurní, famous for being the capital of cava. If travelling here in October, one may be capable of celebrating Cava Week, a celebration of both wine and cava. The Cal Feru enoteca offers a visit to the Raventós Blanc and Vilarnau wineries.

After this multisensory experience, the best way to get home is undoubtedly aboard a Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation train. Installed comfortably in an armchair, one will be able to admire the landscapes which parade before their eyes and will have nothing else to think about other than the bottle of wine which will be opened upon return while sharing your discoveries and favourite places of the Catalan vineyards with family or friends.

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