​With Christmas around the corner, it's better to be ready! 

France is a paradise for its cuisine, its tourism and its fashion, but also for its shopping. Many high-quality articles can be acquired in this country, from fashion articles or perfume​s to toys. Be it to buy Christmas gifts or just to immerse yourself in a fantasy world, consider visiting some of France's traditional toy stores.

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France's toy tradition

Although it may be hard to point out the birth of the toys, the truth is that France has one of the world's deepest-rooted toy tradition. Today, big spaces dedicated to the sale of these articles join the most traditional and typical toy stores—those who have been carrying out their labour for several centuries.

In this respect, the Jura region, near the city of Lyon and the border with Switzerland, is home to the traditional toys. In this area, the wood industry developed greatly, which triggered the boom of wooden toys.

Wooden trains, vehicles and swords, stuffed toys, doll houses and tea sets are some of the traditional toys of French origin that have stood the test of time and the apparition of electronics.

Charming French toy stores

Despite the expansion of more modern toy stores, typical and charming toy stores remain in place.

Pain D’épices (Paris)

 In it you can find authentic pieces for collectors - images from the Facebook page

If you are looking for an enchanting toy store, enter the Passage Jouffroy and get ready to be seduced by the window of Pain D’épices. It is a toy store with wooden floor and three centuries of history. The vintage air in which every one of its corners is immersed will delight both children and adults alike. On its shelves, you will find all sorts of toys such as wooden cars, doll houses or stuffed animals, which will bring you back to your earliest childhood. (29 Passage Jouffroy)

Les Jouets des Anges (Lyon)

The intense red facade is the first thing that stands out about this toy store, which is located next to the Lyon ​Cathedral. If you though that what was most impressive about this place was actually its exterior, you will change your mind when you walk through the door. The interior awaits you—filled with traditional toys, such as stuffed bears, wooden little horses, puppets and all sorts of figurines that will make you wish you were a kid again. (68 Saint-Jean Street)

​Aun Nain Bleu (Paris)

The history of Paris​' oldest toy store began in 1836 with the Chauviere family, and it became a referent in the toy world before long. What's more, it quickly became the only stuffed-toy maker that was 100% French. Enter the charming red door and you will enter a fantasy world, ruled by games of knights and swordsmen, wooden soldiers, soft dolls and princesses. The shop is near the Musée d'Orsay. (252 Saint-Germain Boulevard)

Pomme de Reinette (Montpellier)

A journey through a fantasy world - images from the Facebook page

Pomme de Reinette is some sort of Wonderland—a toy shop full of endearing items, from miniature dolls, carrousels, or soldier figurines, to tabletop games, globes or world globes. If you are visiting Montpellier, this toy shop will become your best coincidence. (33, L'Aiguillerie Street)


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