​​​As Christmas approaches, everyone is thinking about how to prepare a delicious feast for its guests.

Christmas means to share and spend time with the family. If you wish to prepare an original and exotic Christmas meal and surprise your guests, you may like to prepare a 100% Spanish menu

We invite you to discover some important things that you should consider when you are preparing an original and gourmet Spanish menu. You can even take one of our trains of Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation if you wish to discover these flavours directly in Spain: just book your ticket on our website and take one of our trains, which will bring you in only a few hours to Spain.

Start your party with a delicious aperitif




For a Spanish Christmas aperitif, you should choose seafood: Prawn Vol-Au-Vent in a Cream Sauce - small stuffed puff pastry pieces, which are easy to prepare and that will delight your guests- just as the mushrooms sautéed with garlic, the tiger mussels (mussels with béchamel sauce), clams or garlic prawns. You should also add sweet piquillo pepper to give some color to your Christmas table. And if you serve all these dishes with a good cava, no one will be able to resist.

The starters

The seafood soup is a classic dish in Spain and an absolute must for a Spanish Christmas menu! However, if you prefer to start with vegetables, you can also prepare a pumpkin soup. In fact, many Spanish families prepare both and offer both options to their guests. But be aware, that at this point, there are still many additional things to discover if we wish to prepare a Spanish Christmas menu. 


The galets soup

In Catalonia, the most traditional dish for Christmas is the galets soup, a soup with small meatballs. It is also very traditional to eat the ingredients that have been used to prepare the stock (vegetables, meat, pork bones or the traditional meatballs “pilote”). Therefore, they are served in a dish in the middle of the table.

The main dishes



Shoulder of mutton and hake with green sauce

Among the most popular Spanish Christmas dishes, you can find plates such as baked shoulder of mutton, suckling pig with cooked or baked potatoes slices. For those who prefer fish or want to offer an alternative to their guests, they should consider some of the most popular fish dishes such as oven-baked cod, hake with green sauce, oven-baked salmon or sole meunière. And if you wish a touch of originality, you should try the salmon with orange!

The innumerable Christmas desserts


Polvorones and turrón


The Spaniards only offer a little bit of cheese in their Christmas menu but numerous desserts, and all of them are super tasty! While everyone makes a short digestive break, the table is covered with sweet dishes. Even if it is difficult to resist to all these delicacies, it is even more difficult to taste all of them. Among the most famous are the Christmas cake, the turrón in several forms, ice cream, custard, mousse, is countless! 

The Crown of Kings is also a typical dessert and reminds the children that the Three Kings will come soon and bring them gifts! Panettone, polvorones, croquignoles, chocolates, fruits ... you will surely not want to miss the Spanish Christmas table.

When you are preparing the Christmas menu, the main difficulty is to take decisions, but if you are not able to do it, do not worry... you have still some hours to think about it while you are comfortably sitting​ in a train of Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation.


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