This year, the train takes centre stage! The European Union has decided to make 2021 the European Year of Rail in order to shine a spotlight on the most eco-friendly, comfortable and safest way to travel. For your trips between Spain and France, Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation​ thought of everything to turn the journey into an experience.

Neutral carbon footprint by 2050

The most environmentally-friendly way to travel large distances

In an effort to stop climate change, the European Union has set the goal to become carbon neutral by 2050. To achieve it, the members of the European Parliament and Council have signed an agreement to encourage rail travel, since it is the perfect way to travel comfortably and safely, while at the same time caring for the environment. To this end, the President of the Council has stated that the goal of the Year of Rail is to boost the sector, encouraging professionals and manufacturers to choose rail.

In order to comply with the Green Deal signed at the European Council, it is necessary to reduce greenhouse gases by 90%. This makes it essential to champion train travel. You can feel proud of travelling by train! Indeed, it is the only means of transport that has steadily lowered its CO2 emissions over the last 30 years, while increasing the amount of travellers!

An essential mode of transport

The members of the Council also noted how the train has been, and continues to be, vital for transporting basic goods all over Europe during the pandemic.

Rail connects people, regions and companies throughout Europe. The Year of Rail is a collective initiative that seeks to connect European states not only geographically, but politically and culturally as well.

Renfe-SNCF will thus continue to do its best to provide you with options so you can travel between Spain and France in the most practical and convenient way possible, while causing the least possible impact on the environment.

Travel with Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation

Enjoy the ultimate in comfort while you travel 

This Year of Rail, discover France and Spain
Paris, BarcelonaLyonGironaMontpellierFigueresNîmes and Perpignan await. Once there, you can find numerous connections to travel to other regions and discover a little more about this country and its culture. The high-speed trains of Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation allow you to relax, whether travelling alone, with family or friends, and offer free Wi-Fi service so you can stay connected.

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  • Patricia 08/08/2021 12:52:17
    Please bring back the sleeper trains between big European cities. I travelled with the talgo from Paris to Madrid for years, it was so convenient and affordable. Sleeper trains tick all the boxes for sustainability and environment friendly transportation. Bring them back please! Thank you

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