Those who love extreme sports have two unmissable dates upcoming. Barcelona and Montpellier will welcome two events that you can not miss. Are you ready to discover them aboard the Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation High-Speed trains?

FISE Montpellier 2019

The International Festival of Extreme Sports (FISE) will hold a new edition between May 29 and June 2 in Montpellier. The event will once again bring together intrepid athletes who will challenge the laws of gravity in a variety of freestyle disciplines: skateboarding, mountain biking, roller skating, wakeboarding, BMX Freestyle, etc. In short, it will be an event loaded with adrenaline that will be the thrill of thousands and thousands of spectators.

Europe's most popular freestyle festival

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More than 500,000 people gathered on the banks of the river Lez, where the FISE is held, in the last edition 2018. This record attendance makes it Europe's largest freestyle sports festival.
For five days, action sports will be the absolute protagonists of this festival in which participants will demonstrate their skills not only on land, but also in the air and in the water. In addition to the exhibitions, this event is packed with activities and animations. There will even be DJ's who will be dedicated to animating the festival nights.

FISE was born in 1997 in Montpellier and from the beginning it showed potential. In 2014, the FISE World Series was launched, which are a series of events that take this championship to different corners of the world. In addition to Montpellier, the FISE World Series will be held this year in Hiroshima (Japan), Edmonton (Canada), Budapest (Hungary) and Chengdu (China).

Get ready for FISE Montpellier 2019

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With an agenda full of activities, the 2019 edition will cover around a dozen sports: Freestyle and Flatland BMX, Freestyle Roller, Skateboard, Parkour, Mountain Bike, Freestyle Scooter and Wakeboard.
Over the course of more than 20 editions, the International Festival of Extreme Sports has managed to bring together the most talented athletes in each of these disciplines. The best thing is that it is a free event, open to anyone who wants to enjoy a frantic day in Montpellier.

Through the FISE have passed athletes of category as Alex Coleborn (in the category of BMX), Matthias Dandois (BMX), Sam Pilgrim (Mountain Bike), Daniel Sandoval (BMX), Dominik Hernler (Wakeboard), Vincent Milou (Skate) and many, many others.

The appointment will then be in the area known as Rives du Lez, located a short walk from Place de la Comédie, the epicenter of Montpellier. This means that, just one step away from this festival, you’ll be able to find some of the most emblematic places of this Occitan city. Don't miss the Opera House on Place de la Comédie or the picturesque Three Graces Fountain.

World Roller Game Barcelona

150 participating countries, 400 athletes, 150 competitions spread over 11 days: get ready for the World Roller Game in Barcelona!

What is the World Roller Game Barcelona?

The championship attracts young aspiring and authentic veterans from all over the world - images from their facebook page

The World Roller Game is a worldwide event that brings together different championships related to the different disciplines of roller sports. The best athletes in each discipline will be rewarded between July 4 and 14, 2019! You will have the opportunity to attend alpine rollerblading, artistic, freestyle, downhill, inline freestyle, line hockey, hockey skates, roller derby, speed or skateboard tournaments... there will be something for everyone.

For the occasion, Barcelona will be the roller skating capital, and the competitions will take place in the city's various emblematic facilities such as the Palau Sant Jordi or the Olympic Ring. In addition, the tournaments will also take place in the city's outdoor areas.

Some information on the different sports

Alpine rollerblading requires above all concentration and precision since, like skiing, it consists in descending a slope at high speed by following a course and passing through gates. The tournaments will take place from July 9 to 12, 2019 and will be open to all. Downhill rollerblading provides adrenaline rushes for both participants and spectators. It is practiced inline, skateboard or street toboggan. You can attend the various competitions free of charge from July 5 to 7. The freestyle inline rollerblading combines creativity, skill, technique and extreme precision. You will be surprised by the ability of athletes to perform figures that seem impossible at first sight around cones placed on the ground. You can find the prices of the different competitions here.

Artistic rollerblading combines creativity, elegance, technique and precision to perform dance movements and acrobatics to the rhythm of the music chosen by the different teams. The tournaments will take place from July 2 to 9 for juniors and from July 2 to 14 for seniors. Some entries are free and while others require an entrance fee. You can find the prices on here.

Skateboarding and scooter are similar to artistic disciplines. During different competitions, you will be able to observe absolutely incredible jumps, tricks and techniques! Book your tickets now on the website.

Line hockey and skate hockey will also bring you great moments of emotion. Skate hockey, a highly appreciated sport in Spain, offers intense games in which team spirit and player competitiveness will be at the forefront. Line hockey, a much faster sport, combines strategy and spectacle. The junior tournaments will be held from June 29 to July 4 and the senior tournaments from July 4 to 13. Go to the website.

Roller derby is a contact discipline that requires speed and strategy. Two teams of 5 members compete on an oval track to try to win as many points as possible. A sport to discover and rich in emotion! Book your seats here.

Whether you prefer team or individual sports, technical sports, or more artistic sports, the World Roller Game offers a wide choice of possibilities for everyone to enjoy the show! And to ensure that your satisfaction is total until you return home, board our Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation High Speed Trains and relive the best moments of your stay together!

Would you like to visit Montpellier or Barcelona? Our Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation trains connect France and Spain. If you're into extreme sports, FISE and World Roller Game are  definitely for you!

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