June 21st has been highlighted on French calendars for more than three decades. The reason is La Fête de la Musique (Music Day), an event that, in addition to being a celebration of the beginning of the summer, brings together every aspect of music. Over 18,000 organized activities will bring this party day to every corner of the country. Despite the fact that Music Day was born in France in 1982, for a few years now, more than 120 countries have been celebrating this event.

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Since its beginnings, Music Day set out to unleash all music styles: jazz, pop, rock, classical music… With this in mind, a program filled with concerts and musical performances has been prepared to fill the streets of several French cities. Still don’t know whether to attend this festival? Here are several reasons to do so:​

It is a massive party

La Fête de la Musique – Image from their Facebook page

This event is nothing short of a massive party. It has been celebrated since the 80s, and since then, it has gained worldwide fame. While nowadays Music Day has spread to other countries, in France, it is a huge celebration. In past editions, an average of 10 million people went out on the streets to attend concerts by both professional bands and amateurs alike. Wouldn’t you like to be one of them?

It’s free​

A great plus for this party is that each and every concert and other scheduled activities are free for the public. It is an event suitable for all audiences, so you can go with family, friends, etc. In addition to streets and parks, other spaces like museums, public buildings and hospitals will also be home to concerts.

Complete your visit to Paris

The Luxembourg Gardens, one of the stages of La Fête de la Musique in Paris

As one would expect, Paris ​is one of the destinations where this party is best experienced. The most iconic parks of the French capital will be more lively than usual, since they will be permeated by every music style. The locations that will become stages for a day include the Louvre, the Luxembourg Gardens and the Seine riverside, just to name a few. Music Day is, therefore, a good reason to visit Paris on this special day.

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