​​​​The high-speed Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation trains, along with some of the most emblematic places in this city in southern France, were th​e scenario for this fashion photo-shoot.

On December 13 and 14, we accompanied the Amenity Fashion Magazine team on their trip from Barcelona to Montpellier for a photo-shoot that you will soon be able to see on this fashion magazine.

Renowned stylist Lewis Amarante was in charge of hairstyling and make-up for the shoot’s models.

In the past, we have seen our trains become an improvised kitchen worthy of Michelin Star chefs, or an innovation center with seats and tables where disruptive projects capable of improving people’s quality of life were created.

Can a train wagon also become the scene of a fashion magazine photo-shoot? The answer is yes.

This time, the challenge was even greater. The TGV travelling between Barcelona and Paris had to serve as a changing room and a make-up center for models Dárja Minenko and Àlex Goncourt, and then as the scenery for the photo-shoot, all in the short span of three hours that it took to arrive at our destination.

Press media and influencers Sandra R. Clemente, Judith Jaso, labibitches and Julia Mateian also joined us on our adventure, while covering the ins and outs of the photo-shoot in real time. 

The cafeteria car, the spaces between wagons (generally used for phone calls) and the seats of the Euroduplex train that took us to Montpellier were just some of the scenarios chosen for the models to pose in, and that will appear on Amenity Fashion Magazine.

Magnol Hotel’s entrance, located in Montpellier’s historical center.

Once we arrived at Montpellier, the pace of our day did not slow down at all. Fortunately, the Montpellier Saint-Roch station is not just beautiful, but is situated in the city center, less than a three-minute walk from there. Soon after arriving, we set out to visit the other places that were chosen for the article coverage, like the Oceania Hotel, the Magnol Hotel and the stunning Ópera Comédie.

The stunning Ópera Comédie of Montpellier was one of the places that were chosen for the photoshoot.

It was here where we e​xperienced one of the most magical moments of the trip. During the photo-shoot, we were able to listen to the Opéra National de Montpellier on rehearsal, which, along with the amazing stage we were in, gave us all an experience we will never forget.​

That night, we got the chance to enjoy Montpellier’s extraordinary Christmas atmosphere, with the Place ​de la Comédie being more beautiful than ever—it was hard to resist taking a picture in front of the Carrousel or the LED-lighted world globe—and the Hivernales, the market that covers the entire Charles de Gaulle esplanade with tiny Christmas gift shops and regional products every year. Together, these things make this city one of the most spectacular places to visit in France this time of the year.


The next day, it was time to pack up and go back to Barcelona, while remembering the good times we had during the trip and looking forward to seeing the pictures published in the Amenity Fashion Magazine. We will show them to you soon!


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