​​If you are fond of wine. Bordeaux turns every two years in the wine's world capital. In Renfe-SNCF in collaboration we want you to discover one of the most important wine regions of France and we bring it  closer to you, just 6 hours away from Barcelona. Visit before it's time for 2019 edition, you can't miss this fascinating city. Go to Bordeaux on June 20th and 23rd 2019 to drink those best wines.

Wine world's capital

Wine City in Bordeaux

Since 1998, this event is biannually held in Bordeaux, and it's one of the largest festivals dedicated to wine around the world, it's called "Fête le Vin". That year, was held on June 20rd and 26th, and welcomed more than 700,000 visitors who were able to tour along 2 kilometers of stands, scattered along the Garonne River banks. This 2016 festival was speciall, as it met the 10th edition of the event and 7 cities that are part of the Great Wine Capitals network (GWC) were invited: Bilbao, Cape Town, Mainz, Mendoza, Porto, San Francisco and Valparaiso. Also cities that had celebrated the "Bordeaux Fête le Vin" for several years like: Hong Kong, Quebec, and Brussels. During the 4-day festival, visitors could discover the 80 wine denominations of Bordeaux and Aquitaine ,and additionally go on excursions to the surrounding wine châteaux.

Much more than wine

The "Fête du vin"​

The "Fête du vin" is not only a great show of region's wine. Throughout the festival, the whole city was dressed up specially for the occasion and assistants were able to find a large number of activities and art exhibitions. In Darwin's Great Hall you could hear the impressive Beethoven's 5th symphony, with an organic wines tasting specially chosen for the occasion. Other musical performances that could be seen, were the musical and cabaret nights in Douanes, which with a glass of wine ushered in the perfect evening. In one of the most beautiful parks in the city, the Prairie des Girondins, an exhibition was held,  in which ten artists from ten cities transformed during four days the street art.  A unique opportunity to discover new artistic talents.

Night show

A party must always end with a high note, and in this case, the "Fête le vin" put a spectacular finishing touch to every day. Every night, the facade of the Palais de la Bourse became a giant screen with over 200 meters in length. Here we could see "Racines" a  mapping show, 3D, lights and live music and a string quintet that fascinated everyone in the venue. And if this wasn't enough, every night an incredible fireworks party was held at  the riba of the Ga​ronne. For this edition, the color was the leitmotif: the 1st night, blue was the colour related to air and water; on the 2nd night was white, in reference to the earth, chalk and white wine. The 3rd night, red to match with grapes and red wine. And finally, on Sunday, the closing day of the Wine Festival, the merger of the three colors was the attire, as a nod of course to France's participation in the Euro.

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