Halloween is almost here and it’s always a good moment to spend time and have fun with our family and/or friends. So, this year, let’s prepare a good plan to celebrate Halloween in France or in Spain. Here you will find a few tips to organize the best Halloween holidays ever. 

To enjoy it from the beginning, let’s book your Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation high-speed train tickets, the best way to travel between France and Spain. 

Halloween in Disneyland Paris 

To celebrate Halloween as a family, Disneyland is just perfect! There you will enjoy a terrific atmosphere with the new Villains show. This year, the horrible octopus-witch Ursula will leave the ocean to go to Paris and frighten kids! Moreover, all the attractions’ looks will be changed and adapted so you are immersed in the world of Halloween. 


There is a wide variety of activities to enjoy! Participate in a party or visit places like the ancient catacombs

The Grevin Museum in Paris 

In 2019, the museum welcomes you to share horrible moments with your friends in a terrific atmosphere. If you are more than 16 years old and you like awoken nightmares, this place is just for you! 

Le Manoir de Paris 

This year, the Manoir of Paris proposes you to spend unforgettable moments with your friends in a very realistic scenery. You will be immersed in a horrible situation which mixes special effects, science fiction and horror

A Halloween party in Lyon

In Lyon, most discotheques organize parties to celebrate Halloween. So let’s dance with zombies and monsters. Appropriate dress is required and many times, stands to wear an incredible make up are proposed. Moreover, many horror films will be shown there… 

A concert in Barcelona 

If you want to listen to good music for Halloween, in Barcelona you can go to the concert of The Twilight Sad or The Mystery Lights. 

Enjoy some of the most popular Spanish traditions of Halloween, or experience the excitement of an amusement park

Halloween in Barcelona with children

In Port Aventura, children and also adults will be happy to discover the attractions of the park. The cursed island is a new attraction where you can experience a terrible thunderstorm in the Caribbean Aquatic Park and where phantasmagorical pirates have come back. If you want to survive, the only option is to escape! 

A boat party in Madrid 

To enjoy Halloween with your children in Madrid, you can book tickets to go to the Boat of the Terrifying Witch where a big party with karaoke, photocall and animation has been prepared. 

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An escape game with the children in Madrid

Once you will have entered the restaurant, you just won’t be able to leave unless you decode and answer several riddles. Then you have to pass through a Gymkhana and you can attend a show you won’t forget. 

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A terrifying wedding in Madrid 

Let’s attend the most mournful and lugubrious wedding of the year with “Ethernal” in Navalcamero in Madrid. There you can enjoy a dinner, games, performances, discotheque… 

After such a terrific experience, the best way to get relaxed and lower the adrenaline is taking a place in a comfortable Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation seat and to admire the beautiful landscapes you can enjoy from there. Be happy, you survived the Halloween night! 

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