​​​​​What could be better after winter than spending a few days in Spain on vacation? And if it's during Holy Week, it's even better! 

Indeed, this period, eagerly awaited by many Spaniards, offers extraordinary activities and shows by day and by night. 

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What is Holy Week?

Holy Week is the last week of Lent in the Catholic calendar. During this week, you will be able to attend the processions of penance as well as those of glory on Easter Sunday, the day that marks the resurrection of Christ for Catholics. 

Whether you are religious or not, the processions are impressive and different in each city but also in each church and each brotherhood, and it is the opportunity to attend traditional ceremonies mixing music, flowery decorations, religious sculptures... 


This year, the Holy Week of the Roman Catholic Church will begin on April 14, Palm Sunday, and end on April 21, Easter Sunday. 


​Examples of processions in Spain

All cities, regardless of their size, organize processions. 

The brotherhoods take to the streets with the statue of Christ or the Virgin of their Church and walk around, taking up the theme of Christ's passion, with the faithful and the tourists as public. 

The processions are impressive both for the outfits (dawns and hoods in the colour of the brotherhood) and for the physical effort provided by the members of the group who carry the statue of Christ or the Virgin installed on heavy installations decorated for the occasion, and who sometimes even perform the procession with bare feet.

The dance of death...

Among the most famous as well as special shows, we can name the dance of death, in the city of Verges, in Girona

Five skeletons can be seen dancing to the sound of drums. Two adults carry a scythe and a flag and three children carry an ash tray and a clock without hands. 

This dance of death takes place during the Holy Thursday procession and does not fail to remind us of the dark times of the country... 

Take advantage of Holy Week to please your taste buds!  

A "Mona de Pascua" and a "Torrija"

​If you choose to spend Holy Week in Catalonia, you cannot leave without tasting the "Mona de Pascua", a typical dessert containing chocolate, of which you will find many variations in the windows of all the pastries in the region. Traditionally, the godfather offers the mona to his or her godchild and the family gathers around this dessert. But even if your godfather is not around, enjoy yourself! 

​“Torrijas" are another option to treat yourself. It is similar to a French toast, and its preparation varies according to the region. They can be found anywhere throughout Spain during this period, and they will delight you for breakfast as well as for snacks!

After a week full of emotions, nothing beats letting yourself be guided home while admiring the scenery, and why not, by tasting some "torrijas" that you will have taken with you!

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