​​​​​​​​Considering this 2018 edition, it will be the fifth time that Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation provides the official transport for the Imagine Express 2018

The initiative is promoted by Imagine and has been developed by the businessman Xavier Verdaguer. The aim is to make the dreams of 36 young entrepreneurs come true. For three days, they will work on ideas and will present innovative projects, which should make people’s lives easier and more comfor​​​tabl​e. 

The event in Barcelona Sants station


The trip will start on February 8 at the former Estrella Damm Factory in Barcelona, where participants and sponsors will meet. 

One of the highlights of this adventure will take place on February 23 during the journey of six and a half hours from Barcelona to Paris.​

After arriving to the VIP lounge of the Sants station, taking some photos and giving some press statements, the participants will go on board of one of the Euroduplex trains of the Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation. The train is specially decorated for this journey and it is where the participants have a private space to create and develop their pro​jects​.

Participants talking about their projects inside the train and in the station

​We always say that one of the advantages of travelling with our trains is that people have the possibility to use the time of the journey in a useful way, and this is especially true when it comes to the "dreamers" of the Imagine Express. 

During a trip of 3900 minutes, the time that it takes to arrive to the Gare de Lyon station, they will have the possibility of expressing their ideas and start to transform them into reality. The duration of the t​rip can be used as well to meet other participants and create the basis for projects that will be transformed into reality once arriving in Paris. 

Entrepreneurs of Imagine Express working together

On Sunday 25, the participants will travel to London, and more specifically to the emblematic London Eye, where participants will submit their proposals to the jury and the sponsors. ​​

Every year, the event takes place during the 4yFn, one of the most innovative events in the technological field. In fact, there is nothing better than to present the final proje​cts there and to publish the winners of the Imagine Express. 

Year after year, the 36 dreamers demonstrate to the world that with good ideas, enthusiasm and a strong will, it is possible to overcome the lack of resources and time. 

We invite you to follow our initiative through our social media networks or through the hashtag #ImagineExpress2018 and you will get more information about this fascinating initiative that we are very happy to promote. See you in the innovation train!

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