​​​What have a train with 39 entrepreneurs of different ages and nationalities and Silicon Valley in common? Many things, if we are referring to Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation and the Imagine Creativity Center.

On February 26, the winning projects of the new edition of Imagine Express, an initiative of Xavier Verdaguer, were presented at the 4YFN. During the last 5 years, the Imagine Express hosted teams of “dreamers” that had the mission to develop innovative projects in a journey from Barcelona to Paris for companies supporting them.

Some weeks ago, we mentioned an event that took place in the Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm, which aim was to reunite the participants of the 5th Imagine Express edition. 

Event of the Imagine Express at the Estrella Damm Factory

The next stage of the Imagine Express took place, on February 23, at the Barcelona Sants Train Station, the starting point of the journey. At 1:25 pm the TGV departed from the platform 6. For this occasion, the train was especially decorated and hosted different teams full of ideas, dreams and motivations and with a terrific enthusiasm to collaborate during the next 5000 minutes.

DJ Blanca Ross offered the music during the journey. This trip was also for her a valuable source of inspiration for the composition of the new song presented at the final event. A song that contains several parts that the DJ composed along the journey.

Some participants during the train trip to Paris

Several mentors provided advice on the projects of the teams who were working in the Imagine Express. This can also be perceived in one of the most characteristic photos of the past edition: a train’s window filled with post-its.

Photo of participants on the arrival at the station of the Gare de Lyon

Another representative photo of the Imagine Express is one showing pitches of participants in the train’s cafeteria, aiming to help them to improve their presentation skills. The journey ended at the station of the Gare de Lyon. At this point, the projects were already ready for the next step: the prototyping phase, which took place during the next day in the French capital.



The following Monday, when we returned to Barcelona, we were able to attend the presentation of the awarded projects, an event that took place on the first day of the 4YFN and the Mobile World Congress. At the Fira de Barcelona, we discovered some very interesting projects: one of participants of the Tecnocampus of Mataró offering a solution to send the ashes of our loved ones to the space thanks to a small biodegradable hot air balloon. ​Another interesting project was the Chupa Chips project, which provides an intelligent lollipop that stores saliva that can be analyzed later. This project is specially designed for the youngest members of the family, since it allows diagnosing diabetes. 

Final ceremony of the Imagine Express 2018 at the 4YFN

We were very delighted to sponsor the past 5th edition of the Imagine Express, an initiative where we discover every year pioneering and disruptive ideas that are boosting people's lives. We're counting the days until the next edition!

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