Either you chose to celebrate New Year’s Eve in France or in Spain, Barcelona and Paris are two really good options to have good time. Indeed, each city will permit you to spend this time as a family or with our friends. So you can chose to have dinner, to enjoy a show, to dance all night long, or to live an out of the ordinary moment there. 

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New Year’s Eve in Paris

Paris has beautiful places to enjoy Christmas Eve, but certainly the favourite one of many are the Champs Élysées

To spend the night on a barge… The French capital is always linked to the barges you can see circulate every day on the Seine river. For New Year’s Eve, many barges will become party’s places so you can enjoy this so special moment of the year on one of these night-club-barges

A good show to end well 2019… If you enjoy shows, you will be happy because there in an abundance of offers in Paris; the Le Roux Circus will present a new creation and the Paname Circus will propose you to discover the World of Jalèya… If you prefer a musical, you can chose to attend Siddhartha of the Opera Rock. Many theaters will be open too so you can see Sept ans de réflexion (Seven years thinking), Funny Girl, Le plus beau dans tout ça (The most beautiful after all), La dame de chez Maxime

Midnight strikes on the Champs Élysées… Like every year, many animations will take place on the most beautiful avenue in the world from 11 o’clock pm to midnight. There you, and the crowd, will enjoy a show of pyrotechnics projected on the Arc de Triomphe.

New Year’s Eve in music… Many concerts will take place in Paris so either you like classical or modern music, you will find a show you like; The Grand Réveillon Funky Soul and Oh ! Happy to enjoy a clubbing night, New Year’s Eve Celebration for Jazz Soul Funk concert, or the Requiem of Mozart, the 4 seasons of Vivaldi and Christmas songs if you prefer classical music…

An out of the ordinary New Year’s Eve… Let’s enjoy the Aquaboulevard Pool Party; a pool transformed in a giant night-club! You can chose to spend the night in one of the most majestic circus of the capital if you prefer choosing the Réveillon Circus NYE. 

New Year’s Eve in Barcelona


There are many spectacular sites in Barcelona to enjoy the grape tradition

​An unmissable in Barcelona… Like every year, Barcelona will offer a wonderful show on the María Cristina Avenue to its inhabitants and to the tourists who will come specially for this occasion… Around 70.000 people go there every year to enjoy the show that will begin at 9.30 pm with musical animations until 11.30 pm, then a new show and finally the midnight strikes so you can eat the 12 grapes making wishes like all Spanish people do every year. Then, a show of pyrotechnics will take place near the magic fountains of Montjuic.

A dinner in a special restaurant… If you want to enjoy a special New Year’s Eve in Barcelona, you can book a special menu in the famous restaurant Els Quatre Gats, where Picasso was used to spending time. You can opt for a so fine and delicate menu choosing the Casa Fuster too. If you are looking for a place to have good time and a joyful dinner, El Pla restaurant is a really good choice!

2020’s Eve in a night-club?… After a good dinner, you may want to start the new year dancing… You are lucky because Barcelona possesses several of the best night-clubs in Europe! If you are looking for a very chic place, Elephant can be a very good option but Mirablau offers wonderful views on Barcelona too so you can spend unforgettable moments there and if you are looking for a more popular atmosphere, the Poble Espanyol is a very good option!

As you can see, Paris and Barcelona bend over backwards to offer you the most festive and joyful New Year’s Eve. After so many good moments spend with your friends and/or your family, the best way to go back home is comfortably installed in a Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation train. Get relaxed, we deal with everything so you can rest during the travel.​

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