​​December 2018 is an anniversary date for us. Indeed, we have been linking France to Spain for 5 years with our High Speed Trains which join 21 of the main cities of these two countries, in a fast, comfortable and ecologic way. It’s a very special date, so we wanted to mark it highlighting one of the main characteristics and attractions of these two countries: their gastronomy! A perfect reason to travel between France and Spain! 

Chefs Mario Sandoval and Romain Fornell showing the dishes they cooked and raising a toast for the occasion. 

For this celebration, we could rely on two experienced chefs, famous all over the world: Mario Sandoval, who received two Michelin stars and who manages the restaurant Coque, in Madrid, and Romain Fornell, from Toulouse in France, who has been working in Barcelona for two years as the chef of Caelis restaurant. It’s relevant to precise that Romain is the only chef to possess a Michelin star in France, and another one in Spain too! 

On Monday, November 19, these two chefs, with part of the staff of the restaurants Caelis and Coque, got into the train which links Barcelona to Paris in order to elaborate, during the travel, several dishes representative of one of the best gastronomy in the world. 

Many medias wanted to come with them for this travel. 

A Showcooking on board was a good occasion for all the passengers who were traveling with us, to taste 4 tapas specially prepared for occasion. 

Mario Sandoval prepared a taco de sésamo marinado con vino italiano and a macaron de pimentón con torta cremosa. In the case of Romain, he prepared a foie frío con anguila served with a Great Vintage Cava, and a lata marinada with a very dry caulifower wine and King Crab, in tribute to the great chef, Joël Robuchon, who recently passed away. 

These tapas have been served not only to the medias, who were many to come with us in this travel, but to all the travelers too, so they could share with us this event. 

When we arrived to the French capital, everybody went to the Spanish embassy, where the Ambassador of Spain, Fernando Carderera, and the General Director of Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation, Yann Monod, invited the Spanish and French journalists, the Embassy supervisors and the Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation managers to a reception and a gastronomic dinner

Family picture in the Spanish Embassy of Paris, where we have been welcomed by the Ambassador of Spain, Fernando Carderera.


During this gastronomic dinner, the two chefs prepared an exceptional menu with 4 hands: Mario Sandoval made the starter and the first dish: a guiso de boletus edulis con pilpil de rocoto y piñones and an escabeche de foie al oloroso con mango encurtido y piel de picantón crujiente and Romain Fornell prepared the second dish: a lubina al velo de estragón y ceps. To deliciously end the dinner, he had the mission to prepare the desert too: a Montblanc de castañas.

To get more details about the celebration organized for the 5th anniversary on Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation, use the hashtag #FastTrainSlowFood on Twitter and on Instagram; you will find there all our publications and also the posts of the journalists who got involved in this wonderful adventure with us.​

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