​The event “Showtime in Paris” will be back to Paris from February 25 to March 10. The French capital will be the set of the second edition of an event that will make the public enjoy the best spectacles in the most prominent venues in the city. For around two weeks, audiences may attend to concerts, musicals, theaters, circuses, and other activities that were specifically designed to please both locals and visitors. Language will not be a problem! Mark these dates on your calendar and book your train tickets at Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation an official partner of Showtime in Paris. You cannot miss this event!​

Showtime in Paris, the best excuse for well-deserved vacations

Live shows for all audiences.

Showtime in Paris is one of those events that cannot go unnoticed. We are talking about a concept that could not be more attractive—an event that coincides with the winter holidays of many European countries, as well as, partially, with the Spanish Carnivals. The week of February 25 will also be one of school holidays in Paris. The event will take place in an ideal time so most people are able to attend to the spectacles.

Best of all, Showtime in Paris will break down the language barriers, as it is an event aimed at attendees from all around the world. This means that the shows will be totally comprehensible even for those who do not speak French, as they will either be in English, have English subtitles, or be mute.

24 Parisian venues

Concerts, theater, shows... the cultural offer is varied and entertaining.

For its second edition, Showtime in Paris will once again amaze its attendees with a schedule packed full with spectacles, covering a wide range of performing arts manifestations. This means that there will be something to suit all tastes and ages—from concerts or musicals to circus exhibitions, spectacles for the whole family, theater plays, cabarets, or comedy shows.​

The shows will take place in 24 prestigious Parisian venues such as the Moulin Rouge, the Caveau de la Huchette, the Artistic Theatre, the Bel Canto Paris, the Dome de Paris-Palais des Sports, the Lido de Paris, the Philharmonie de Paris, the Jazz Café Montparnasse, etc.


It will be a unique opportunity to experience the Parisian night in a new way. Every venue was carefully chosen with the objective of making the attendants fall even more in love with the City of Lights. Paris is a dreamlike destination during daytime, but at night, it shows all of its glamour!​

Regarding the shows: Showtime in Paris lets you vibrate along with the music of Blues Monday, Caloé, Crocodile Dandies and Opera Dinners; to marvel while watching plays and musicals like “Chicago: Le Musical” and “Cyrano de Bergerac;” and to enjoy, like a child, circus spectacles such as “Juracirque,” “Origines,” and much more.

Our Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation high-speed trains connect Paris with several Spanish cities so that you can extend your getaway after the shows and discover all the Spanish culture too.

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