​​​​We want to walk at a leisurely pace, take photos, enjoy how special a trip to Barcelona is with a completely fresh gaze. The city we’re most attracted to awaits us - let’s discover hidden gems that previously went unnoticed. And to reach one of Europe’s most beautiful cities we will make use of Renfe-SNCF en Coopération trains, which drop us off right in the city centre.

After a long time spent indoors, we want nothing more than to take a trip outside, without going too far.  We are very lucky to be located next to Spain, home to the city of Barcelona: a city that, even if we’ve been here before, always has a host of new experiences to offer us. 
The city’s parks and gardens are wonderful, we will take a leisurely walk observing the variety of flowers that form an explosive colourful composition. Some of them will invit​e us to sit down and relax, like the Jardins de Cervantes in Pedralbes, very different to the Parc del Laberint, offering adventure within. 

Horta Labyrinth Park

Ascending Montjuïc we will also find parks and gardens with plants of different varieties, from water lilies to impressive cacti. But the best part awaits us when we reach the summit: a 360º panoramic view of the city rewards our efforts which will undoubtedly form the most authentic memory of the trip. These are just a few ideas from the greener side of Barcelona that you will appreciate on your walks.

​Panoramic view of the city

The wide avenues are another option that we should not ignore on our walks through Barcelona. From the elegant Passeig de Gràcia, with Modernist buildings that have long been recognised as global icons: La Pedrera, La Casa Ametller, or Casa Batlló… not to mention the classic hotels on the avenue. And of course the exclusive boutiques with their luxury window displays. 

Passeig de Gràcia Avenue

At the same time, we can also walk towards the sea along Rambla Catalunya, with its more manageable width and welcoming feel all year round. Its trees seem to encourage us to continue walking. The buildings’ facades are so beautiful, with their unique details and finishes: the balconies, windows, figures and reliefs. We mustn’t forget that Modernism was an explosion of fantasy and beauty raised to the maximum degree. The terraces will give us an excuse to rest and take stock of our surroundings. A glass of wine, perhaps? And if we add in some tapas, we’ll have more energy to continue our walk.

We continue until we reach Plaça Catalunya, the birth of the Barcelona’s world-renowned Rambles. Great, we can see some suitcases rolling again, but local families have also returned to Les Rambles. We find ourselves once again in the presence of traditional newsagents, flower stalls with scented roses of every colour and, of course, the Liceu, the palace of dance, music and song. We continue walking along this main street, whose influence transforms us simply by walking down it. We feel relaxed, but also excited about finally approaching the sea and catching sight of the Columbus monument not too far away. The Drassanes building on our right is a must. A building in pure Romanesque style hosting temporary exhibitions and an exhibition of ships from different historical periods. The building itself deserves a stop to contemplate it properly.

​And without even realising it, we’ve arrived at the sea. Las Golondrinas are proof of that: traditional boats that carry passengers on a circuit along the coast and port of Barcelona. We continue along the wooden walkway, which every now and then opens up to allow the sailboats to leave. 

Moll de la Fusta

We invite you to sit on the benches sheltered from the sea breeze by the display cases set up for this purpose. The city that faces the sea is happy to find you again among its people, appreciating its small details, as simple as the colour of its sky and sea. 

Golden sand on the beach of Barcelona

There’s not much left to do now but feel the fine Barcelona sand on our feet while we look for smooth shells or stones. Stretch out and read the book you’ve taken with you for the trip, feel the rays of sunlight and the breeze. And if you’re one of those who was looking forward to a swim in the Mediterranean, your time has come: jump in the water and relax after your first walk through the city. There’s a whole range of other places to visit tomorrow: El Born, the Gothic Quarter, Gràcia, Sarrià, the Eixample, Horta, an endless number of neighbourhoods are waiting for you to discover them at a leisurely pace.

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    Very nice places!
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    Very nice places!

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