Imagine having breakfast in Barcelona, knowing that tonight, you’ll be having dinner at a typical Parisian brasserie. It’s not madness; with the Renfe-SNCF en Coopération trains, you can have your favourite breakfast in Barcelona and hop on a leisurely train to Paris. 

The Hotel Barceló, right in the Sants Station, offers one of the most complete breakfast buffets. Breakfast for all tastes, sweet or savoury. In a unique setting with a futuristic style, and right above the station. 

The Hotel Barceló Sants located just above the Barcelona-Sants station

Once you’re done, just go down to the station hall with your ticket and check what track your Paris-bound train is leaving from.
Once you check in, the staff on-board will tell you where your carriage is. Take your luggage for your stay in Paris into the carriage and place it in the designated space.

View out the window

The comfortable seats beckon you to rest and relax. The train heads out and as it exits the tunnel, the windows transform into a real-live movie theatre. You leave the city behind as you travel through crop fields, pastures, country homes. You find yourself in a tunnel again, this time in Le Pertus, which is 8.3 kilometres long and separates the two countries joined by our trains.You’re now in France and, without realising it, the colourful station in Perpignan catches your eye, “The centre of the world”, in the words of Salvador Dalí. 

Perpignan Station-The centre of the world

The train continues on its way and you’re enthralled by the large marshlands and lagoons of southern France, where birds, such as flamingoes, transform the landscape into an exotic painting. It’s time to rest. You glance at your mobile and decide to take a nap, or simply think about the evening that awaits you in France. What restaurant will you go to? 

Ambiance in the terrace of a Parisian restaurant

Paris is home to a wide variety of restaurants and cuisines from every continent. From ancient, storied Parisian establishments and checkered red and white tablecloths, to modern spaces with large rooms and cutting-edge designs. Either way, you can’t go wrong, and by the time you get off the train, you've decided which Parisian district to have a wonderful and unique dinner in before going for a stroll in one of Europe’s most beautiful capitals.

Restaurant Le Train Bleu, right in the Paris Gare de Lyon station

The train leaves you at the Paris Gare de Lyon station, which is home to one of the city’s most opulent restaurants, “Le train bleu”. If you’ve never been there, it’s a must-see. We leave it to you to continue the story of your Paris getaway. You’ll no doubt have new anecdotes and stories to tell once you’re back.


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