​There are not many life experiences that are as rewarding, edifying and satisfying as traveling. What you discover during a trip becomes part of your memories, the ones that stay with you through your entire life.

At Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation, we have always believed that in addition to the destination, it is important to enjoy the ride, and nothing is better than a Paris Barcelona trip aboard one of our high speed trains to demonstrate it. A journey throughout which, without getting off the train, you will be able to experience moments that will make your arrival in the Catalan capital just another step in this unforgettable adventure. Let's take a look at some of these places:

The pastures of cows of Burgundy

Through Burgundy, look out the window and you will see the typical cows of the region

Just before Valence, the first stop of the journey to Barcelona, the train will cross pastures as far as the eye can see where, looking good, you will be able to discern the cows of the Burgundy region, among them the famous Charolaises, who owe their name to the city of Charolles, the main place where you can see them.

The Cathedral of Béziers

The cathedral of Béziers seen from the window of the train

One of the many advantages of traveling with Renfe-SNCF in Cooperationis the location of the stations where our trains stop. Béziers is the proof of it. Indeed, going through this city of Herault, we can see its imposing cathedral of Saint-Nazaire, one of the main Gothic monuments of France, whose geographical location, at the top of a hill, makes it even visible of Narbonne.

The ponds

We are arriving at one of the most spectacular points of our trip. Take your camera or mobile and get ready to take pictures!

Just before entering the Pyrenees, still crossing the flat country, different but just as incredible, the train will cross an area formed by the ponds and sea, which goes from Montpellier to Narbonne, where you can see the water on both sides of the train. We can assure you that you are not here to forget this moment! The Thau lagoon is the largest in the region. All around forms an important tourist and fishing activity, with cities such as Agde, Marseillan or Sète, which offers many activities. If you have the chance to pass by when the sun goes down, the experience becomes almost a dream, with a sky that mixes with the water in an unforgettable symphony of colours. 


Although it is on the French territory, the Canigó’s massif has a special meaning for the Spanish territories where Catalan is spoken, even that the French government has changed its official name from Canigou to Canigó, and describes it on its website as a sacred mountain for Catalans. According to tradition, on June 22, the inhabitants of the towns and villages of the department of Pyrenées Orientales, Catalonia, the Valencian Community and Balearic ascend to the summit to make a campfire all night long. The next day, they go down, torch in hand, to their place of origin, to light the traditional fires of the night of Saint John.


The Perthus Tunnel

​This is one of those moments of the journey that will remain etched in your minds. It is 8.3 kilometers that separate the two countries that our trains unite. Coming out of the tunnel, the canton of Selva and the Pyrenées of Girona welcome you, leaving behind beautiful landscapes and bringing you closer to the terminus.

And as you reach the end of your journey and see Barcelona getting closer, it's time to bring back to your memory everything you've seen on this trip, which will surely be quite an addition to all the memories that you have collected from Barcelona.

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