If you're one of those people who gets bored easily on long journeys, today we want to offer you these 10 fun things to do while traveling by train. The possibility of having fun adds to the other many advantages of traveling by train, so that you enjoy your time in the way that you prefer.

Read a good book

One of the best ways to spend a long train ride is with someone special. But if that is not possible, a great story will be a good substitute. Train travel does not make you dizzy like cars or buses, so you can enjoy a pleasant and quiet reading session.

Take pictures

Take pictures and marvel at the stunning landscapes passing by.

If the reading is not your thing, take the camera or mobile phone and document in pictures the charming train ride. Whether you enjoy the landscapes that happen on the other side of the window, or enjoy photographing people, objects or other details, photography is a very fun thing to do while on a train.

Unleash your creativity

The long train ride is a perfect excuse to give yourself to some creative hobby. You may like to write, or draw, or compose music. You can do all these things in the comfortable seats of the train while you wait to reach your destination.

Learn something new

Another fun thing to do on a train, and very profitable, is to learn something new. Have you long wanted to learn Spanish? There is a mobile application that helps you. Do you want to improve your sketching skills? You only need paper and pencil. Knowledge is at your fingertips and the train gives you the perfect setting to learn something new.

Get to know more about your destination

The perfect vacation or visit begins with a train journey.

If you are impatient to get to your favorite destination, you can take advantage of the trip on the train to know more about where you are going. Get some maps, look for the best places to eat or find the hidden spots you cannot miss are other ways to have fun on a train journey.

Movies, series and video games

Renfe-SNCF en Coopération trains have sockets near the seats, so you can connect the chargers of your electronic devices. A great way to have fun on a train is to watch your favorite movie or series or play some entertaining video game.

Meet new people

Peoples laughing in the train

Trains are a means of transportation that allows people to move comfortably and interact with others. A long train ride can be a lot more fun if you spend time getting to know someone or telling someone about you. Do not miss the opportunity to experience this unique experience.

Take care of yourself

Another great way to spend a train journey is to rest and take care of yourself. You can use this quiet time to drink water, enjoy the landscape without worries, do some light stretches or even walk a little by the train for a change. Some people take advantage of this time to use beauty products, take care of their nails, journal, or just to completely relax with some breathing exercises.

Enjoy a meal

​Traveling by train is a unique experience, don’t miss it!

Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation trains offer a fantastic selection of Spanish and French food to all its passengers. Eating is another fun thing to do while traveling by train. You will not regret tasting the exquisite flavors of traditional and international cuisines. And if you do not want to leave your seat, the mobile bar service will bring your selection to you.

Appreciate the experience of traveling by train

We have started by saying that train lovers know the experience of traveling by train very well and enjoy it every time. The last fun thing to do during a train trip is to discover the wonderful aspects of this means of transport. Relax and be carried away by the sensations, the noises and the silences to discover why trains fascinate so much.


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