Travelling is without any doubt one of the most wonderful things that exist. Discovering new and different places is something fantastic and sensational. But sometimes the traveling time can be long and complicated and we need to find a way to distract ourselves so that it does not become eternal. A fantastic solution is to listen to music while traveling by train, so that while enjoying the scenery we can accompany it with our favourite songs. There are multiple ways to enjoy good music on the train, which depends on what we want.


How to organize your music for a trip 

Beautiful town of Marseille

When we are going to make a long trip, such as Barcelona-Marseille, it is better to travel with everything scheduled among those things you have to program and organize your music. Organizing a playlist is very easy. Nowadays there are a lot of places we can access to enjoy the music without any problem like Youtube or Sportify.

You must also adapt it according to what you want. For example if the goal is to stay awaken and active, it is better to choose music that encourages us and does not produce relaxation or sleep. If what you want is the opposite, make sure to prepare a playlist with relaxing songs to be able to sleep and that the trip will be flying you.

We can make specific music playlists, either with your new favourite, 80's music or indie rock songs. So, you can organize it by themes or genres and then you can move from one folder to another without problem, depending on what you want. Another option is to create an album that is mixed with a little of everything and thus skip the different songs and make it more enjoyable. 

Depending on the duration of the trip, you will have to carry more or less songs, as the needs are different between a travel which lasts 2 hours and one which lasts 5 hours. In addition, you must also think about the trip back, therefore, it is important to prepare enough songs to avoid to repeat them all the time and to be able to enjoy the journey and music peacefully. 

Another point to prepare is about helmets or headphones, which have to fit to our hearing without hurting us or producing wounds. If not, it can be a complete discomfort and annoy us for the whole trip. You can find a huge variety of brands of headphones, providing a good quality of sound and offering a comfortable solution to listen to music. Therefore, before leaving, make sure you did not forget your headphones, you might regret it!

Enjoy the music on the train 

Enjoying music while whatching the scenery

When travelling by train, it is great to sit and enjoy the view while listening to your favourite songs It is a very pleasant moment, easy to enjoy. Today, while traveling, we tend to be obsessed with reaching our destination, which makes us unable to enjoy this moment with tranquillity. It is very important to appreciate the feelings, the moments and the emotions, not to leave anything behind. Life is based on that knowledge on how enjoying every moment, in a train or at any time

Other activities to do while traveling 

Lots of activities to do while traveling

In addition to music there are many other activities that you can do while traveling on the train. You can play games, watch movies or read a good book. A laptop, a mobile phone or a tablet can be useful tools to enjoy one of these activities.

If accompanied, the best solution can be to establish a pleasant conversation. In this way the weather becomes much more pleasant and the long journey will be spent in an instant. In the case of not being accompanied, you can meet new people and make acquaintances and even friends. Without a doubt an experience that is never forgotten.

Another way to take the time is to go searching for information about the place you are going, the monuments you have to visit, the language, the customs... You can set the routes and the organization on the routes that you are going to do and schedule the time that you are going to spend in each ​place. 

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