​Renfe-SNCF en Coopération offers you a simple, understandable tariff range based on the degree of flexibility you want for your trip: ESSENTIAL or FLEXI. Book as early as possible to get our best prices, no matter what fare you choose. ​


We offer a basic fare that’s adapted to suit the needs of most of our customers, which provides the best prices available at all times. The Essential fare is designed for customers who do not intend to make changes to their journey. But, if a problem arises and you have to cancel your trip, you can do so any time before the train departs, with a 50% penalty fee. 


With this fare, changing your plans as many times as you like won’t be a problem. It’s designed for customers who require maximum flexibility right up to the last minute: until 24 hours before the train is due to depart, you can cancel your ticket at no additional cost. If you do have to cancel in the last 24 hours, you will only pay 10% to cover handling costs.

Chlid discount

Children under 14 years who want a seat will get a 40% discount on Flexi or Essential fares purchased by an adult which are subject to the same conditions in the event of cancellation. 

Children under 4 years can travel for free by sharing their seat with the person accompanying them.

Youth discount

Renfe-SNCF Cooperation offers young people a 30% discount on the best available rate. In order to benefit from this reduction, you must have one of these documents:

If you have:
Get your discount by booking at:
Tarjeta +Renfe Joven 50https://www.renfe.com/es/en
Carte Avantage Jeune SNCF

European Youth Card

ISIC International Student Card

International Youth Travel Card GO 25 (IYTC)


Discount for persons accompanying a diseable traveller

The Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation service is designed to provide the most convenient travel conditions for everyone. To facilitate travel for people with disabilities, we offer a 50% discounted Flexi or Essential fare for the person accompanying them, when acquired by the person with the disability. These tickets are subject to the same conditions in the event of cancellation.

Travelling with pets

​​We offer you maximum flexibility so that you can travel with your pet.  Remember that you can only transport animals weighing a maximum of 10 kg and travelling in a cage, to avoid disturbing other passengers. ​The ticket price for a pet is €15​ for all our international routes. 

See transportation conditions.​​