At Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation, we do everything we can to ensure that you get to your destination on time. However, if the service is delayed, we undertake to provide you with greater compensation than what is provided for in current European compensation regulations

Scales of compensation:

  • If there is a delay between 30 and 119 minutes, we will compensate you for the inconvenience with 25% of the ticket price.​​
  • If there is a delay of 120 minutes or more, we will compensate you for the inconvenience with 50% of the ticket price.


Our main goal is to guarantee you the best possible trip between Spain and France. To facilitate the handling of complaints and to give you the best response as quickly as possible, we ask you to send your complaint to the after-sales service belonging to the network from which you acquired your ticket (Renfe or S​NCF).​​

Centro de Atención al cliente y Venta en las Estaciones
Renfe Viajeros Centro – Centro de Atención Posventa. 
Avenida de Burgos nº 21. Edificio “Triada” Torre C, 5ª planta.
28036 Madrid

Ser​vice G30 SNCF 
CS 69150
14949 Caen Cedex 9
​​​​ ​ 

If you have any suggestions to make, you can do so via
our​ customer suggestion box,​ and we will get back to you quickly.​​​​​