Our trains are the best option for enjoying a trip with children, as we provide all the comfort necessary for you to have an excellent time with them, playing, drawing or just talking about the scenery or taking a stroll with them to the buffet car, where we have a children’s menu specially adapted for the little ones.

All seats are fitted with tables and there are bathrooms in all cars, most of which have a baby changer (*). 

Because we want to help make your journey with children unforgettable, we present a fare for the youngest travellers, which is as special as they are: 

Children under 14 years will get a 40% discount on Flexi or Esencial fares purchased by an adult and subject to the same conditions in the event of cancellation. 

​Children under 4 years can travel free if they share a seat with the person accompanying them.​

If you have already made up your mind, we encourage you to play with our cut-out trains​. Travelling by train will be a real adventure for the little ones. The holidays start on the train.​

Minors, travelling alone or accompanied by other persons, as well as the national identity card, must carry authorization from the father, mother or legal guardian.​ 

​(*) Baby changer: space available in all WCs of the AVE S-100 trains and in the WC of cars 7 or 17 in the TGV Dúplex/Eurodúplex trains.​