To enter French or Spanish territory, EU citizens must have a (valid) national identity document or (valid) national passport.

Foreign nationals from countries that are not members of the EU can visit the information pages of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs​ to find out whether they need to obtain a visa to visit either of the two countries. 

Minors travelling alone or accompanied by other persons must carry, along with t​heir national identity document, an authorisation from their father, mother or legal guardian.

As provided for in the General Conditions of Carriage for the Carriage of Passengers by Rail (GCC-CIV/PRR), the passenger must comply with the administrative formalities required by each State to travel within its territory. If these requirements are not met, the passenger may be refused access to the train and shall not be entitled to a full refund of his ticket, the cancellation conditions applying to the fare used.​



In every Spanish station, access control will be performed prior to boarding the train.

In the French stations of Paris Gare de Lyon, Marseille Saint-Charles, Avignon TGV, Valence TGV and Aix-en-Provence, access control will take place at the boarding gates through an automatic control system. Clients must scan their tickets by holding them in front of the provided scanner for a few seconds in order to open the gate and access the train. Station service personnel will be available for help.
In all other French stations, access control will be carried out by our station service personnel. 
Our on-board service personnel will do a control of tickets and documents justifying price reductions related to special fares.

To streamline the control process, the following is important and recommended: travellers must always be sure to have the ticket that corresponds to the train they are travelling on, along with any documents justifying price reductions for passengers travelling with a special fare.