The Renfe Atendo service and SNCF Acces Plus are working together to offer free care for people with limited mobility (both permanent and temporary) from the start of their journey to the end. The cooperation between these two services ensures that Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation customers will be cared for in both Spain and France.

This is a specialized service that provides guidance and information and helps passengers with limited mobility access move through the stations, as well as providing assistance when boarding and disembarking from the trains.​

​The Atendo and Acces Plus personnel are all properly trained and are sensitive to the care requirements of people with disabilities.


  • Adapted services during the journey: Adapted WC with a bell to alert on-board staff in the event of any problem.
  • Accompanying personnel available during the journey: our on-board staff will attend​ to any specific needs that may arise during the journey.
  • Places specifically for passengers travelling in wheelchairs:
    - In the TGV Dúplex/Eurodúplex trains, there are 2 specific places on the lower deck of the first Preferential/1st Class car (car 1 or 11).The journey can be made in the wheelchair or the passenger can ask to be transferred to a seat.

    - In the AVE S-100 trains, there are 2 seats located in Tourist/2nd Class car 8. The journey can be made in a wheelchair. Customers who use a folding wheelchair and who want to be transferred to a seat can travel in any regular seat by asking for assistance at the Renfe Atendo Central Office (ACO).

    ​- ​​When a specific place is requested for a passenger in a wheelchair on our trains, the request for care is automatically sent to the Atendo/Acces Plus service. 
  • Guide dog can travel with their owner​ without any fee or ticket on board all our trains.



People with limited mobility who are travelling in a regular seat can request assistance from Atendo/Acces Plus at:

Atendo (Renfe) Spain
​​​Accès ​Plus (SNCF) France
+34 912 140 505
+33 (0) 890 640 650
E-mail oca.accesibilidad@re​​​
Working hours06:00am to 0:00am07:00am ​to 10:00pm
​ ​