Trains completely remodelled with cosy, quality materials, capable of seating up to 347 passengers. They can travel at up to 300 kph. The entire fleet features 10 trains running full time in the summer season. They operate​ on the Marseille and Lyon line. 

Each train has 8 carriages, consisting of:
· 2 First Class carriages
· 5 Second Class carriages
· 1 dining carriage
· Club Space



The wide, comfortable seats are designed with the traveller's comfort in mind. The seats include electrical outlets for using various electronic devices. Every seat has a table. 

Club Space

In the first carriage you'll find this area suited to both business travellers and to families or groups travelling together. It features 8 seats facing one another with four screens to which a computer can be connected. This offers privacy so you can concentrate on work or enjoy the journey with your friends.


A dining carriage with an ample menu offering hot and cold dishes designed exclusively for our international travellers. There is also a mobile in-seat dining service.

Personalised assistance ​​

Space designed for two persons with reduced mobility (PRM) and two companions. Wheelchair-accessible train with obstacle-free access to the WC. The stations have personnel to assist PRM. This service is offered free of charge in Spain by Atendo and in France by Accès Plus. ​

On-board screens

Screens in every carriage showing films during the trip. On-board personnel provide headphones for listening to music channels and films. 

On-board personnel

Our trilingual staff are available to offer information or answer any questions you might have involving the trip.




Every train carriage, regardless of class type, features ample storage space for suitcases and rucksacks. ​


You can take your pet along aboard Renfe-SNCF en Coopé​ration trains as long as it doesn't weigh more than 10 kilos and it's transported in a pet carrier. You can take dogs, cats, ferrets and non-poultry birds with you on the train. 

Travelling with children

There's no better way to travel with kids than on our trains. The ability to move around and the comfortable seats with tables make for a more pleasant trip for the entire family. 

Club Lounge (Sala Club) 

First-class clients are free to use the Sala Club lounges available at the Madrid-Puerta de Atocha, Barcelona Sants, Camp de Tarragona, Zaragoza-Delícias and Girona stations before boarding. A time to relax and have a drink or do some reading while you wait for your train.

Changes and cancellations 

Convenient and flexible changes should the need arise.


​Check out more details about S-100​. View the diagrams.