Central square of the medieval quarter of the city. This place is surrounded by the City Hall houses, one of the main attractions of the city.

Built where the old Roman city used to stand, the square has a fountain at its center, topped by a statue. This main square of the city serves as a stage for numerous events like the traditional Christmas market, fairs or diverse outdoors shows.

St Bartholomaus Cathedral

This Gothic-style building was a relevant site in the history of Germany, it has nonetheless been the symbol of national unity in Germany during the 19th century.

Rebuilt in 1867 after a fire, the Cathedral contains remains of the ancient Gothic cloister that have been turned into a museum featuring exquisite gold pieces and regal clothing items dating back to the Middle Ages.

Sachsenhausen District

Located on the left bank of the Main river, it is a very lively area of the city with pubs and bars where you'll be able to taste Frankfurt's traditional drink (apfelwein), and its culinary specialty like ox in green sauce, traditional cheese and pretzels

Cobblestone streets and small squares surrounded by old houses carry the traveler to the most remote past of this German city.



Goethe Museum and Goethe House

Goethe Museum and Goethe House

Until 30th December

Come and visit the Frankfurt Goethe Museum. This is where Johann Wolfgang Goethe was born on the 28th of August 1749 "at midday, as the clock was striking twelve", and where he grew up with his sister Cornelia.

Main Festival

Main Festival

From 2nd to 5th August

This time-honoured fair offers visitors a great culinary diversity as well as fairground rides and games of skill for the entire family.


On the banks of the Seine, the majesty of the city of Paris is unveiled. The magic of its emblematic and historic sites will carry you to the most remote times of the capital, with all the charm and romanticism that the city oozes.​