Saint Nazaire’s Cathedral

This baroque Cathedral has been classified as a historic monument since 1840. It can be seen far in the distance due to its location and its massive bell tower, which measures 48m high.

The Cathedral is decorated with gargoyles and there is wrought iron on the windows. The most remarkable part of this historic monument is the 10-metre rose window, which leaves visitors speechless.

Canal du Midi

Béziers is a perfect place to begin the Canal du Midi’s route by boat or bicycle. Also called the two seas canal, it joins together the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

With more than 400,000 visits in the past year, the Forserannes locks are the third most visited places of the region, behind the Pont du Gard and the Cité de Carcassonne.


There are exceptional beaches close to Béziers where you can enjoy your family stay, such as the Sérignan and Valras beaches.



La Mouche: Place of Contemporary Art

La Mouche: Place of Contemporary Art

All year

A contemporary art space recently opened by Francine and Jean-Michel Buesa. You’ll be able to find this corner of beauty and serenity and admire the art near Béziers.

Garden of the Villa Antonine

Garden of the Villa Antonine

All yearhttps://www.beziers-mediterranee.com/patrimoine-culturel/jardin-de-la-villa-antonine/

The Villa was the summer residence and workshop of the sculptor Jean-Antonin Injalbert. The surrounding garden merges with the pergola, the fountain and sculptures. The result is to find us in an enchanted place. We can also visit the artist’s workshop.


Nîmes was founded in the 6th century BC. It's a city with centuries of history, architecture and art​.​

In Montpellier, you can discover a booming city. Also, it is close to some of the most famous world heritage monuments and sites.​​

Located halfway between the sea and the mountains, Perpignan benefits from its proximity to the Mediterranean coast and the imposing Canigou mountain range.​​




14 bis, boulevard de Verdun​
34500 Béziers​​