La Cité du Vin

This futuristic building on the shores of the Garonne beckons us to journey through the world of wine.

Spaces for exhibits, educational workshops, tastings, restaurants, gardens and a 35-metre-high lookout: a magnificent vantage point from which to take in the city while enjoying a glass of wine.

La Place de la Bourse and the water mirror

An example of Classical architecture, this square symbolised the city’s opening toward the Garonne.

This is the location of the Three Graces fountain, the most photographed in the city. The water mirror is most resplendent from May to October, turning the square into the perfect place to cool off.

Cailhau Gate

Of the six existing gates into the city, this is the most famous, and the most beautiful.

It was used by all the great figures and royals when entering Bordeaux. The gate leads into the old quarter of Bordeaux, the neighbourhood of Saint Pièrre, site of the old port, where traders and craftsmen once thrived.


Museum of fine arts

Museum of fine arts

All year

After a years-long renovation, the museum displays works by some of Europe's greatest painters as well as Bordeaux artists from various periods and schools.



​Found at the heart of a natural park and near the coast, the city of Narbonne is in a pleasant geographical location, surrounded by a magnificent natural environment with vineyards.​​​​